Child Internet Safety: Stop Reactive Parenting

The internet and technology is a very large part of the world we live in and it is only going to become more of it. Child internet safety is growing to be a huge issue. Revolution, a world where electricity no longer exists is probably not going to happen any time soon. As a result we parents have a responsibility to teach our kids the place for technology and how to use it responsibly in our lives. 

Parents can not afford to be reactive with your child’s internet safety.

Sometimes because we do not understand technology we choose to be reactive with our kids in their use of technology. The scenario can go like this. Child is using the IPad. Parent walks in and see something completely inappropriate on the screen. Parent freaks out and deletes the app from the IPad and forbids the child to use the IPad for a week. Has that happened in your home. This reactive style in regard to child internet safety will not teach your children responsibility. It will only teach them to not let you see what they are doing on the computer. 

Instead as parents we need to become proactive with internet safety.

This means that you take the time to know technology. What is it that kids love today? What are the hippest social medias of the week? What are the dangers that exist online and how can you create walls and teach your kids to use the technology safely. The internet and the tools to use it are amazing when used responsibly. Take the time to understand it and create healthy boundaries. Parents must also remember that technology is changing at the speed of light. What worked yesterday as boundaries for children, very well may not work tomorrow.

Remember parents part of your role is to protect your kids.

The internet and social media activities can be extremely dangerous for your child. Even cell phones with texting can have devastating effects on our kids. There have been multiple suicides of youth that were partially the result of Social media. Create ways that you are having regular conversations with your kids about those activities. Maintain a relationship with them that allows you to look at what they are doing and receiving in social media and on their phones. Our kids can not totally comprehend how permanent things online can be. If you do not protect them and teach them they may do things online that have a lasting impact on their life.

Times will continue to evolve and change and as parents we need to stay engaged in the world of technology. If you do you will be prepared to help your kids stay safe in their use of technology and they will learn how to use it responsibly with great benefit to their life. As a parent you cannot be too concerned about child internet safety.

Stayed tuned to future posts that will help keep you informed about technology and ways to help your children use it.

Please leave comments or email me if there are specific areas of child internet safety that you have questions about.

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