Is fear robbing you of happiness?

This summer for the first time we had a season’s pass to King’s Island for our whole family.  With us living only a half hour away it was good option to get out with the kids. This summer through our kids God taught me a big faith lesson that I hope by His grace to put into practice.

Last summer when they went to King’s Island the first time they loved it. They went on so many of the big kid rides like the Drop Tower.  They were scared but they went on ride after ride and even went down the big water slides. I was amazed. They laughed and screamed all day!

Then this year came!

This year they have been scared of all the big rides and even some of the kiddie rides.  The bigger water slides are also a no go. It has been so sad! Especially because they had so much fun last year. I started pondering why, what would keep them from the great rush of roller coasters.


Just enough fear to keep them from great enjoyment. When we ask them to go they laugh and a bit of them wants to go but they have just enough fear to hold them back.

This is so much like faith.  God has great and mighty works and wants to display His power through us. He can’t when we won’t walk by faith, trusting that He will carry us through.

For me and I believe many of us it is fear that keeps us from experiencing the great things God has for us. Just like that fear that keeps my kids from enjoying the rush of a roller coaster. They fear that maybe they will fall all the way to the ground or fear that the pain in their stomach is too much to bear.

As a follower of Christ my fear of rejection or that God might not provide enough to care for us keeps us from experiencing His majesty and His blessing.

In Hebrews 13:5 God promises to never leave us. This is a promise to care for us. As His children God has promised to take absolute care for us. Do you believe it? Do we believe it enough to live our lives in a way that we have to depend on Him?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ join with me to take bigger and bigger steps of faith in our lives so that we can all experience the great blessings of God.

Only by living by faith will we get the full joy of the roller coaster of life!

Your Turn: When have you stepped out in faith and got to experience the full joy of God’s blessing?










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