If All you Do is Vote to End Abortion then Stop!

 I am writing this post to the church of Jesus Christ. Today we celebrate the sanctity of life. We celebrate that God values life and as a church we are called to fight to protect it.  On this Sunday we primarily focus on abortion and the need to fight to stop it, to make it illegal.
Church if all you do is vote to end abortion or protest against it then please stop. Some of you just got angry and are thinking how in the world can you say that.
The problem is some of these babies who end up not being aborted are born into awful situations. Situations where they will not be loved. Situations where they will be abused emotionally, physically and sexually. Really what kind of life is that to be born into.
Of course we don’t want these women to have abortions and I am so thankful for places that not only counsel women to not have abortions but also equip them and support them as they bring this new child into the world. But I struggle and I am being quite honest, is it better for this poor little baby to be born than to end up in a life of abuse and struggle? I know I said it and I fear great judgement but the question has to be asked.
The point is we should still fight for abortion but we can’t stop there. If we are going to help these ladies make the decision to keep this baby then we have a responsibility to help these ladies raise their children. We need to help these ladies get into situation where the kids will be loved and protected.
So many of us want to end abortion and we think highly of ourselves because we fight to change the laws but that is all we do. That is the easy part.
Church we have been called to love others by Christ. We have been empowered and resourced to love others but we are so self absorbed that we don’t. 
We will vote to end abortion but we are to busy to volunteer to help kids because we have three sports to run our own kids too. Is it really more important for your child to play sports than to help another family experience love and protect kids from abuse.
We will vote to end abortion and then have the audacity to say you can’t give to ministries to care and protect children because we have to take a vacation or go on a cruise or save for retirement. Really God has blessed you with so much so you could go be fat, lazy and self absorbed.
We vote to end abortion but we won’t adopt a mom and her kids into our family because they might steal from us or corrupt our kids. Really is your God that small? Do you believe that God provides and protects you? Do you believe that God is better at raising your kids you are?
CHURCH STOP VOTING TO END ABORTION if that is all you are going to do! Get dirty, get involved in the life of someone today. Change the world and the life of a child today. Whether it be giving of your time or if it be giving up your 401k then do it. STOP BEING SO SELF ABSORBED THAT YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN HELP OTHERS. Regardless of your age or place in life you have the ability to help love or protect a child in an awful situation.
For goodness sake don’t just vote go use the power you have in Christ, go love someone today!!!