His Work, Our Work and the Balance

This is such a challenging thing to think about. I continually wrestle through His work/provision versus our work/responsibility. If you have ever thought much about this then this post is for you. Here are three thoughts I have:

1. I need to live a life submitted to the authority of The Lord.

This means that my first responsibility is to live the Word of God. Through the grace of God I need to love others. I need to live within our means. Whatever sacrifice that means I am responsible to live it. We take what God has given us and live for His glory in it. At work I live the Word, loving people and working hard.

2. I trust God for the outcome and provision.

This first and foremost means that I do not bring success or favor. God must do that. I can not worry about the outcome. I must worry about living in fellowship with and dependence on God. That is my worry. Throughout my day am I trusting God for wisdom in the decisions made. Then do I realize that if I am bringing Glory to God then I am doing what I am called to do.

3. This becomes a whole lot easier if I am living with eternity in view.

This is huge. When you live for eternity then you view everything differently. You understand that you live today for tomorrow, not tomorrow as in this lifetime. Rather the tomorrow we are talking about is the tomorrow after death. At that time we will experience the setting of things right. Living with eternity in view forces you to let God have control because we have little idea what eternity will be like. 

Lord thank you for these thoughts. I pray for the strength to live it out. Help this pattern be the one I live out in my life. Through this pattern of living I will experience unmatched joy in my life. My family will experience such incredible grace and peace. Oh Lord I want it so bad that I ache inside. I can’t do it, often I grab back ahold of the reigns and I need you to keep yanking it away.

Take care of what God has placed in your hands and is yours to deal with. The hole in the wall. The finances of your home. Raising your kids well. Loving your spouse extravagantly. Staying focused and working hard at work. Loving people you run into. Caring deeply for those in your purvey. Then God takes care of everything else. Thank you Lord!

Your turn: What have you learned from the Bible about this topic and how has it practically played out in your life?