Hello Guardrail and Thank God

Thank God He kept me safe!

Tonight as I drove to Lancaster I had to thank God that He is in control and that he often keeps me safe. I needed to pull into a rest stop and walk around a bit. This is one of those things that reminds me I am getting older. Yes I had to stop so I could walk and loosen up my muscles.

I was pausing my Iphone from a podcast I was listening to(I know shame on me.) and when I looked up I was heading straight for a guard rail. This would have been bad considering I was going 50 MPH. However I looked up just in time to turn quickly and avoid the accident. Thank God as He kept me safe tonight. There is no reason that I looked up at that point other than God was keeping me safe.

Friends do you ever stop and take time to reflect on all the little moments that God is reaching down into your life and keeping you safe. In my driving alone I can look back and see all kinds of times that He intervened to keep me safe. Tonight when that happened I just had to stop and thank God.

Now I know that this raises all kinds of questions about God’s sovereignty and about all those who have accidents and get hurt. However I think that for most of us we are on the side of needing to recognize and thank God for his protection over us. I would add this little bit that although it would be difficult if the accident had occurred I know that God would have a reason for allowing it to happen. I would have had a lot to work through with it as anytime our faith is challenged but I know God would have been faithful.

Take a moment and think over the last couple weeks. Where has God kept you safe? What do you need to take time to thank God for?

Your Turn: What is the last experience you had that you look back now and see that God kept you safe? 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pastiles Penny Stiles

    I am thanking God that he was keeping you safe!!!

    • realwade

      Me too! I am amazed at how many times I can see in my life where God has protected me!