Travel to Tenerife, Spain

20130803-133645.jpg This is a review from Jet2 on travel Tenerife, Spain! I know it looks beautiful and would love to go!


– Join the mile high picnic club. Airports ban liquids are forbidden, but delicious snacks aren’t forbidden. Throw together a sky picnic to minimize travel expenses.

– Tenerife boasts pretty reasonable restaurant prices, so eating out shouldn’t be the financial ordeal you may think it is. But to really milk value for money and to impress your kids, order off the menu del dia, the menu of the day. Get a taste of the local cuisine at a tasty price. Three courses a drink (beer for you, you’ve earned it Dad) and a lemonade for the kids. All that for under 10 Euros.

– Tenerife is also host to the fabulous guachinche. Don’t worry I can’t pronounce it either. But you’ll certainly recognize one, guachinches are traditional market stalls that spring up over the island. Embracing the local cuisine will definitely pay off; a thrifty price for a monstrous portion.


– You can save money just shifting kids from A to B. The Bono card is available from stations and kiosks around the island and you’ll notice them by the large green ‘Bono’ signs that loom above the relevant establishments. For under 30 Euros you cans ecure a 50% reduction on all travel fares on buses and trams. Plus, you don’t have to juggle more than one card. You just swipe it for as many passengers you’re paying for and the transport terminals will keep you aware of your spending habits.


– One of the best things about Tenerife is the free stuff. There are more free festivals, romerias and fiestas around the island than you could shake a stick at, if you were so inclined. But beware, make sure you bring a plastic bag because a lot of the time the locals gift meats, veg, gofio cakes, wine and popcorn to the attendees…. Need I say more? So, make sure you synchronize your holiday with as many fiestas as you can lay your hands on.

– Plus, remember that Bono card that saved a killing on transport costs? Well, flash it at a museum and you can expect to get discounted entry. Now that’s pro bono.


– Check out holiday complexes like A Great Resort in Tenerife You might not even need to leave the hotel with the offers of gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, hotel run kid’s clubs and a formidable host of other fun-filled activities.


– Lastly, involve your kids in the planning of the holiday! Let them choose where they want to go. It promises a great time for all and allows the opportunity to budget and balance. Knowing whats around the corner is the kindest precaution you can take for your wallet.

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