The 5 Money Personalities: A Review

PalmerAt first when I received my copy of “The 5 Money Personalities” by Scott and Bethany Palmer I was skeptical about how good and valuable it would be to read. My first thought was, “great another book on money.” Another book to tell me to stay out of debt, to have a budget and have a good emergency fund. However, when I started reading “The 5 Money Personalities” I was quickly drawn into their theory and could not put the book down.

Scott and Beth Palmer believe that it is not money troubles that lead to so many divorces rather it is a lack of understanding and communication in how we handle money as individuals. They believe there are 5 money personalities and we all have a primary and secondary personality that impacts how we handle money and how we believe it should be used.  When we as individuals understand how our spouse handles money then we can begin to communicate effectively and understand why our spouses behave how they do when it comes to money.

Not only do Scott and Beth Palmer do a great job explaining these personalities they then give us practical steps to take in order to become effective in our communication. They really work hard to drive the reader to application and change. They accept that many people are in debt and desire to see couples remain healthy despite this reality.

So whether you are wealthy or dirt poor this book can help you marriage. As you read it you will begin to see where you can improve as a couple in how you handle money and communicate about it. Personally I can’t wait to go through this book with Amy and then to lead a group of couples through it. I believe “The 5 Money Personalities” has the ability to heal many marriages if the couples take the information to heart and apply the principles in it.

Make sure to pick up “The 5 Money Personalities” and work through it with your spouse.

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