My Princess Devotions: preschool edition

20130917-204424.jpg My Princess Devotions: preschool edition is a great first devotional book to work through with your daughter. Since having children I am always looking for age-appropriate resources to help me do devotions with my kids. When I find a good resource I simply need to share it.

One of the most difficult things I found especially when the girls were two to four years old was finding good materials that were shorter in length. As a parent trying to lead my kids in the Bible it was frustrating as they quickly drifted away and didn’t pay attention. The My Princess Devotions has daily devotions that are short and to the point and at the same time will teach your daughter about God and His love. As I have done these with my younger daughters they have stayed engaged.

For those of you with young girls I would recommend you pick up this devotion to do with them. Some of you may be intimidated to do devotions with your kids and My Princess Devotions will be the tool you need to over come those fears.