How Parents (Dads) Can Make Special Moments Memorable

Spiritual Markers is a term our church uses to mark moments of spiritual growth in our kids lives.  Such things as salvation, baptism and a commitment to purity are on the list of spiritual markers. During those times we are encouraged to do things to help make the moment memorable.  The following video is a way that we made Alexa’s baptism special and memorable.  The video will also serve to remind Alexa of her decision to trust Christ when doubt comes. How cool is it that she will be able to see and hear why she came to Christ!

Technology can be such a blessing. A few years ago making a video like this would have been a lot of work but now with smart phones and programs like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie you can easily make a video like this to pass onto your child. Often times your computer’s operating system will come with the program.

Men you don’t have to be super creative but take time to memorialize special events as spiritual markers for your kids. They also don’t have to be time consuming. This video took me all of an hour to create including shooting the video.

Your Turn: What things have you done to make special moments extra memorable for your kids?