Life in Spite of Me: A Review


Recently I heard someone say, “when you read a book and immediately think of people you need to give it to that it is a great book.” From the first few pages of Life in Spite of Me by Kristen Anderson I thought of people who needed to read this book. This book is the story of God’s work to save Kristen Anderson both physically and spiritually. You will be greatly encouraged by God’s work in her life.

If you have kids entering the teen years or work with youth in some form or fashion then you should pick up Life in Spite of Me. Kristen’s story could be the story of any young person struggling to know who they are and to know if they are loved. The book through the telling of Kristen’s story covers some really powerful topics such as rape and suicide. Parents if you give this to your teen or preteen to read make sure you read it with them and talk through the book. I imagine you will have some great conversation.

One of the strengths of the book is that it captures the gospel and explains it well. For those who do not know Christ they will learn how to have a relationship with him and how to walk with him daily. I love the fact that Kristen goes into detail about how her relationship with God grew. She captures the truth that being a good person is not enough. We need to seek forgiveness in Christ.

Life in Spite of Me is written in a gripping way that continually surprises you in ever chapter even after the story is almost done. I was so surprised toward the end as Kristen shares ways that God was at work and she never realized until long after the accident.

Pick it up and read it. The book is a quick read. As a dad I am thankful that I did!

Let me know what you think when you finish it.