Humility: A Book Review

In Humility: an unlikely biography of America’s greatest virtue, David J. Bobb discusses the crucial role that Humility played in the shaping of America. He takes five key American figures and discusses how important humility was in their lives. Not only that but he even shows specific moments in history that if these figures lacked humility that we may have had a much different America today. 

He begins the book by giving a history of humility throughout history and the writings of certain teachers and philosophers. I really appreciated this because it helped see different paths or routes that leaders like Washington and Lincoln could have taken. The reader is also set up to understand the influences that would have been in their lives. He starts with Aristotle’s magnanimous man and continues through the power of humility presented by Jesus and into the present. 

Bobb then looks into the lives of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, Abigail Adams and Frederick Douglass. In their lives he highlights how humility was important to who they were and how they learned humility. Some were more humble by nature and others learned it. Regardless their humility was important to the influence they would have on America. Bobb pointedly shows how without it we may not have had the America we do today. 

The final challenge of the book is to America. Bobb calls us to keep this same humility in America and allow it to continue to shape us. Without it he claims that we will end up no different than Rome. Humility by David J. Bobb is a great read and well worth the time. 

Whether you are a history buff or you simply want to grow in your ability to lead this book is for you. The reader will come away encouraged and challenged to live a life that holds high the value of humility.