Fearless: A Navy Seal Biography

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Fearless by Eric Blehm is a story of redemption and love. The book is a biography about the life of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown. One of the highlights of this book is that it tells the bad and the good of a national hero who gave his life for this country. If you only read about the first twenty years of Adam Brown’s life you would see the sad story of a kid who fell into all sorts of trouble and eventually ended up with his parents seeing him arrested. We are blessed though to read the whole story and learn about the power of forgiveness and unfailing love. All of this leads to Adam Brown being a highly respected and loved SEAL member. The kind of guy that anyone would want on their team.

The surprise is the other heroes in the book. America was blessed with such a warrior because of the unfailing love of his parents and wife. As you read the accounts of how his wife pursued and believed in him while they were dating you can not help but be convicted of what it means to truly love. I am a father of three girls and if my daughter came home with accounts like Kelly Brown I would flip out. However God led her to support her boyfriend and husband through his battles of addiction. In Kelly Brown we see the love of Christ and picture of how Christ stands with us and helps us grow. You will be blown away as you read the accounts of the heroes in this book.

Whether you are a husband, wife, parents of a wayward child you will find hope and encouragement in this book. For those who have made some bad choices you will find encouragement that all is not lost and that there is always hope to start fresh and new.

Followers of Jesus Christ, you will learn what it means to love and how difficult it can be at times to love.

Men you will see a picture of strength and gentleness. As a man I strive to have the gentleness that Adam Brown had with his family and the courage he exhibited in the battle field. He exemplifies what it means to be a man an not because he was a Navy SEAL but rather because of his controlled strength.

Women in Kelly Brown you find a beautiful example of a godly woman who supported her husband. Although difficult she always believed in her husband and fought for him.

In the end through this story of redemption we see how a life well lived leads to having an impact long after we have died. The truth is that for some much of the fruit from their life will never fully be seen until they die. Praise God for His redemption of  us in His son Jesus Christ. God can use any of us to do great things for His Kingdom.

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