Family Thanksgiving Activity

Not sure what it is but I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year! I am blessed with a wife who has worked hard to make holidays a time of traditions that draw us closer as families. With it being Thanksgiving week I felt it appropriate to give you dads a simple activity you can do with your kids.

First I want to share a simple activity that Amy has led us to do for years now because it has been a highlight of our thanksgiving. When we first got married Amy made place mats for us and her entire family. Every year since we have written the year on them and a couple things we have been thankful for. Years later it is awesome to look back and see things like her dad coming to Christ on there.  We have had so much to be thankful for! 

My desire as a dad, as a parent is to raise kids that realize how blessed they are and to encourage them to be thankful. Tonight as I put them to bed a simple idea came to my head. I decided to jump on it. Now this will not be nearly as cute if Amy or your wife had come up with it but it will work and they can make it Pinterest worthy!

The activity is a simple way to help the kids be thankful, memorize scripture and get to have a party in the end. Do the following:

  1. Pick a verse like 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and put it on a piece of paper with your kid’s name.
  2. Below the verse number one to ten.
  3. Then set a date for the ice cream sundae party or whatever kind of party you want.
Tell the kids that if by the date of the party each one memorizes the verse and has written out ten things they are thankful for then you’ll have a family party!
Your kids will love it and all kinds of great things will happen as a result!
Now for your turn: What fun Thanksgiving activities do you do with your family?