Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse (A Review)

Dr. Oz 3 day detox cleanseAmy and I recently did the Dr. Oz 3 day detox cleanse. Amy had mentioned to me that she would like to do it and I piped up and said “I’m in!” We both had different reasons for doing it but both of us wanted to do a cleanse. We both want to be healthier and felt this was a good thing to try.

About the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

The cleanse consists of drinking juices and smoothies, probiotics, taking multi-vitamins and a Epsom salt bath. When you go online and look up the Dr. Oz 3 day detox cleanse you will get mixed reviews but all in all they are pretty positive. People will let you know some of the drinks are pretty tough to put down and they are. Three days though most anyone can handle. Amy and I were like most people who liked the breakfast drink the best and for me it has led to the addition of a ongoing breakfast shake after my workout. The lunch drink gets the worst wrap but I liked it better than the dinner one. Amy agreed with most that the lunch one was the worst. As I said though you really can put up with it for three days.

How Will you Feel on the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

Everyone is going to take this cleanse differently and feel differently. I will share a little bit about how Amy and I handled it. Amy struggled the most with wanting to chew. She wanted some crunchy stuff to eat. I believe more than anything she missed the chewing. She was hungry but not overwhelming so and had a couple headaches but really she did okay. By day three she was feeling good.

I on the other hand had a rough couple of days to start with. I am a big coffee drinker so to go cold turkey for three days gave me some bad headaches. The first day was the worst and put me in bed. Remember though it is good for you to get the chemicals out of the body. Day two the headache was still there but almost gone. The first two days I also felt hungry at times but all the drinking kept me going. Like Amy by day three I was feeling great. I think I could have kept it up for a few more days without a problem.

The bottom line is that depending on how healthy you normally eat will probably determine how awful you feel over the three days. You may have natural cravings that get heightened but remember it is only 3 days. You can do it and you will be glad you did.

Some Tips for the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

  1.  When you mix the dinner drink  you add cayenne pepper. If you don’t like spicy tough this will be tough. My suggestion would be to take about 4 ounces and add the cayenne pepper to it and stir it could. Then just down it then you can enjoy the rest of the drink cayenne free!
  2. Feel free to keep your exercise routine up. Amy and I both maintained the energy and strength we needed each day despite exercising. Amy even exercised twice a couple of days.
  3. Don’t get to excited about the weight loss. Once you start eating a couple pounds may come back. Just be happy that you have treated your body well. Amy lost 5 pounds and I lost 8. I gained 4 back once I started eating. Amy actually lost a pound the day we started eating. I believe the average that people lose is about 4 pounds. Honestly it is a nice side benefit.
  4. Spread your four drinks out so that the last one you are drinking at 7 or 8. This will help you prevent the evening munchies that we all have to fight. Amy and I did this and it worked out great.
  5. Only stay in the Epsom salt bath for about ten minutes. Some say that if you stay in to long that you may reabsorb the toxins back into your body.

I would recommend all of you to try this. It really isn’t too bad and you will feel a lot better once it is all done. Also the cost per day isn’t too bad for the things you have to purchase. I honestly think that I could do it every few months just to keep myself balanced. Amy and I had a lot of fun doing. I would do it again with Amy just for the shared experience. She really is my best friend and doing this together made it all the better.

Has anyone done this twice now? How did it go?

Keep sharing your results. I love to hear how this goes for others!

Your Turn: What questions about the Dr. Oz 3 day detox cleanse? 

Check out the recipe for this breakfast shake. If you enjoyed doing a shake at breakfast this one you will love. I have done it almost everyday since the cleanse. 

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  • sonyanicole

    Just started Day 1. Sipping the breakfast smoothie now :-). I tasted the lunch smoothie as I made it (no bueno). But, it’s only for 3 days.

    • realwade

      Thats right Sonya you can do it for three days! Push through on day three you are going to feel great! Let us know how it goes. I’m excited to hear your results!

    • realwade

      Also Sonya try the breakfast shake on have on here as well you will love it. After you finish day three of course.

  • Kathy

    Just started, should I or can I drink water while doing the 3 day cleanse? It does not say anywhere if you can drink water while doing the cleanse! Thanks.

    • realwade

      Kathy, I kept drinking water. There are two reasons I believe that you should although I am not a professional doctor. First is that I believe it will help flush the system. Secondly you don’t get all the recommended water from the juices through the day. I know it also helped me feel fuller.

  • Kathy

    Also, can’t he lunch drink be juiced, or at least the green things? Wow, that was a lot to choke down! :-)

    • realwade

      You sure can juice parts of all the juices throughout the day. I imagine without juicing the greens it would be a lot to put down! Let us know how it goes! I bet you will feel great on day three!

  • Kathy

    The smoothies are so large , so much, if I am notable to finish allof it,will it sabotage my cleanse? I wasable to drink most, but could easily cut the ingredients in half and still feel full! Thanks!

    • realwade

      I think that you will be okay. Also feel free to spread drinking it over an hour if you are worried you might not get all the results.

  • Mawmaw59

    I drink a water infused with grapefruit, tangerines, cucumbers and fresh mint. Will this sabatoge the results of the cleanse?

    • realwade

      Cathy you should be fine with that because they are fruit and veggies. Most of them are in the cleanse ingredients. Let me know how it turns out!

  • Mawmaw59


  • karen

    Just started the cleanse, lunch drink was brutal..any tips..thanks

    • realwade

      Karen…sorry for the delay in responding! Your best bet is to just drink down fast. Remember now you only have one more time you have to drink it! You can do it!

  • JoJo

    Any tips to make drinking the lunch shake any better. I cannot seem to get it down without gaging. I even tried taking sips of water before and after each sip and/or gulp of the lunch drink…help

    • realwade

      JoJo, don’t stress about it too much. Drink what you can. There is nothing magical about it so if you have to replace it with the dinner one then do that. The point is you are getting all the good stuff you need. Just because you can’t finish that drink doesn’t mean you won’t get the benefits! Keep it up you are doing great!

  • Lorely San Pedro

    about to start … will go grocery shopping today and start tomorrow. I have a juicer and I normally juice kale, spinach and celery … do u think i should juice the veggies to make it smoother to drink ?

    • realwade

      I would juice as much as you can. The reason is that it would be smoother but also the volume would be less. The drinks can be quite filling and by removing the solid part you will feel better. Let me know how it goes. Hang in there even if some of the drinks are tough. Remember it is only three days!

  • Cindy

    I can’t get the lunch drink down. I read below I could replace that one with the dinner one which sounds better. Or, would it be as effective if I just ate all the ingredients in the lunch shake instead of made a drink?? Because I like all the ingredients I just can’t get it down as a drink>

    • realwade

      Cindy I would say to change out the drink rather than eat all the ingredients. Part of the benefit is that it is Juice and nutrients are easily absorbed. That is my understanding at least and not a professional opinion!

  • Jackie

    The morning green tea. Is this drink with hot water or cold water?

    • realwade

      Jackie hot water would be easiest.

  • A

    The shopping list doesn’t leave enough room for the snack drink. Anyone else notice that?

    • realwade

      True we needed to go and buy a few things depending on the snack drink we chose.

  • Andrea D Baraba

    Do you peel the lemons and lines? I start tomorrow!

    • realwade

      Awesome Andrea! Yes I would peel them. Part of the reason is that our juicer tells us too. Enjoy!

      • Andrea D Baraba

        Thanks! I have a vitamix and can put anything in it 😉

  • Andrea D Baraba


  • Andrea D Baraba

    It says tsp for tablespoon for the lemons do I squeeze that in?

    • realwade

      I know this is late and I apologize. I juiced the lemons. You could squeeze it though.

  • Garret

    How much water can we drink during this detox?

    • KC

      There isn’t a diet/cleanse/program in the world that would limit your intake of water. Drink up!

  • kleanser

    On day 2 and feeling good! However, feeling very full…I will definitely not be drinking the full 3 smoothies as each drink is made up of more food than I would normally eat in one sitting! I am curious to know the caloric intake. Seems like a lot of food, including a lot of sugars from the fruit? Any insight on calories?

    • realwade

      You know I am not really sure of the caloric intake. However it is a lot of veggies so it cant be too high.

      • Diane Christie

        We added it up today and we were shocked it was a little over 1200 calories,thanks for the tip on mixing the cayenne separate and drinking – that will make evening smoothie much better. Am juicing part of my lunch smoothie tomorrow, that was way too thick.

        • realwade

          Thanks for sharing Diane.

  • singingbird

    Hi, I just started the Detox today and I appreciate your personal experience’s summary. I just finished the lunch drink, it was delicious, but so hard to finish it. By my second 12oz glass (out of 3) i felt like throwing the whole thing up. I endured to the end and finished it, but this is definitively not my favorite so far. You have mentioned that you think juicing part of this shake would make it more bearable. Do you not think this would also deplete a lot of the fiber out of it? Thanks!

    • realwade

      I am sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner. However I am not really sure if it would deplete the fiber or not. I would just say go for the practical side of it and not make yourself feel like you have to throw. In the end you would idealy want to enjoy it enough that you would come back and do it again.

  • Carla Williams Ingram

    Can you add a natural sweetener like honey or ginger to help with the taste?

  • Vivian

    Will this detox help if you are diabetic and have high blood pressure

    • Kimberly

      I would consult with your doctor. Definitely Do NOT take the epsom salt bath as it can raise blood pressure!

  • Bre

    Would you recommend it to a 17 year old? I’m 17 and I’m really interested in trying this! my aunt and grandma did this and lost 7 pounds! I don’t see many teens writing on here so I’m just making sure it would be alright for me to try it!

    • realwade

      You would be fine to do it. Just don’t obsess about weight loss because that will be totally unhealthy. Make this about discipline and restoring health! Go for it!

  • Jenna

    I did the detox twice, i realized it is super important to use a good blender because the taste is not too bad its the texture that is awful if it isnt completely blended. I also blended everything the day before i started, separated my smoothies in zip lock bags and stored them in the freezer which made it so much easier and saved me a lot of time. I will definitely do the detox again one day.

    • realwade

      Great point! Nothing like nasty chunks to make the smoothie nasty! Keep it up!

  • Keisha

    I am doing the cleanse now and it is not bad at all. I feel great. I took the bath last night and I feel great. I have been drinking about 27 ounces of water between each smoothie to help me to stay full. I have not had any cravings and I have not been hungry. I eat more when I eat food.

    • realwade

      That is so great Keisha! And am getting ready to do this again! I need it!

  • Jen

    I found myself pretty full on this so instead of the snack drink, I would eat ingredients that are found in the other smoothies. Usually a handful of almonds, blueberries, or the other half of the green apple from the lunch drink. Some might call it cheating but as long as the foods were found in the smoothies, I feel it was fine. Plus, it gives you the chewing piece that most people missed.

    • realwade

      That is a great idea! At the end of the day your were healthier and that is what matters!

  • doodledogg01

    All the ingriedents just go into a blender? Or does it have to be a juicer?

    • realwade

      You can blend it all. I juiced some and blended some so that the content wasn’t so much. Use what you have. Enjoy!

  • JoAnna J

    I just started this morning. The breakfast drink was great. I prepared the lunch one and brought it to work. I couldn’t fit all the ingredients in my blender so I used 2 celery stalks and half a cucumber instead of 4 and 1. It looks like more than enough for me. Is it ok to drink decaf green tea during the day in addition to water?

  • Mak

    Do you use the whole
    Lemon or just the juice?

    • Robin


  • Chris Salli

    I love the shakes… but I cannot eat pineapple so I subbed with peaches… for the lunch drink… it was awesome…

    • realwade

      That sounds awesome! Great idea!

  • Chris Salli

    Just finished the lunch drink… and I had no problem getting it all down… but I did sub out the pineapple with peaches… I have a ninja juicer and I love it to make these smoothies… whipped them right up…

  • DeniseB.

    Does this make you have to go to the bathroom a lot? (Ahem… “Number 2”). I’m out and about a lot at work and I’m afraid of how this is going to affect me.

    • realwade

      That probably depends on the person. I thought I would have to and didn’t.

    • JjV

      Yes I would also like to know about the “#2” deal…everyone I showed the detox to said for me NOT to leave my house for 3 days because I could have accidents…GROSS!!! Is this true?

    • Happilyhealthy

      Yes, it can definitely. I think it has more to do with getting your bowels moving. If you are not generally constipated, I don’t think it would be problem. But I go after every shake, and generally am constipated. On the upside, the boost to the bowels seems to last until you really start back with the bad clogging foods again – which is so important to health.

  • Jen

    I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Is this okay or enough for my baby?

    • realwade

      Jen that is a great question. As a I guy I am quite clueless. I would advise you to consult with your doctor before doing this. Please let us know what you find out! Congrats on the little one. Is this your first or do you have more?

    • Chris

      Any cleanse is not safe while breastfeeding as the toxins released can go into your milk and then to baby!

  • Karen

    I have lived a life of eating a HORRIBLE diet and am tired of feeling sick and tired! This cleanse has been sitting on my desk for months and found its way in to my hands this morning. I am going to start it in the morning. I am praying for the best but planning for the worst. How can I expect to feel??

    • realwade

      More than likely a bit sluggish the first couple of days but by the third day you may not want to stop!!! I am so glad to hear you are making that first step!! Please let us all know how it works out for you. I need to do it again soon!

  • Nadira_Rae

    Just stumbled upon this review yesterday and I’m glad I did! Thanks for the honest and insightful breakdown. I just finished the shopping list after work, so I’ll be ready to go tomorrow. Really excited to see how this goes! I will sub chia seeds for the flaxseed powder (since I have some at home)- hoping this won’t make any significant difference.

  • Kayla

    If we don’t have a bath tub, any suggestions?

    • realwade

      Kayla I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it. You may lose some benefit but the reality everything else will be so good for you. Go for it and don’t feel bad that you are missing a component!!!

  • MsmamaJ

    Do you think that it would be horrible if i do not soak in the epsom salt at the end of the day? I do not have the extra time for a bath and would hate to ruin the detox because of it.

    • Kimberly

      I don’t think it would be horrible. Technically epsom salt is not scientifically proven to remove toxins but is believed to by many. I do it in hopes that it does, and if not it gives me some relaxation and stress relief which is important for weight loss (my reason for doing the cleanse) I would definitely try to find time for yourself to relax though. It is important to try to reduce some stress on your body.

  • Brooke

    The lunch drink is a horrifying thing to get down. The texture the celery makes it is really disgusting, but the over all taste isn’t the worst … I’m on day 2, and dying.

    • Brooke

      But have lost 9.5 pounds so far !

      • realwade

        Brooke, that’s awesome! Keep it up and when you start eating be slow. Let me know how you felt day 3!!

    • karen

      don’t make the shake if you can’t get it down. you can have all the ingredients as long as you chew an extra amount. and i wouldn’t juice – that takes the nutrients of the fruit and vegetables out.

      • Happily healthy

        That is the opposite of the facts. Actually. Juicing makes the nutrients more bio available than chewing.

        • Monica De Bruin Milana

          Blending with the nutri bullet is supposed to make nutrients bio available. Juicing takes the fiber out, which is something I would guess you really would want to keep in your diet during a cleanse.

    • Kandi

      I read awful reviews about the lunch drink and tried to think of a way to minimize the texture of the celery. I chopped the celery into small pieces before adding it to the blender. I blended only the celery and almond milk first, before adding the other ingredients. This helped a lot. I didn’t mind the lunch drink, or any of them, for that matter. The biggest problem I had was being able to drink all three meals plus the snack drink… I felt too full!

  • Javis

    I can’t find raspberries..

    • Rgeorge

      Try looking for frozen ones!

    • Karin

      Buy frozen ones – they mix up in the blender really well.

    • Kimberly

      That’s too bad..I live in Wisconsin and have had no trouble finding them. I would talk to your grocer.

  • Christie

    I am one day in! The smoothies are all good, I have a great blender that makes them all have a “Jamba juice” texture. No issues with the celery kale or anything else. I add ice to the smoothies to keep them extra cold.

    My main issue is major headache and craving to munch! I cut up half an apple and ate that. Hey a little extra apple can’t hurt! The headache is bad. Will be going to bed early and hope it dulls by tomorrow.

    • realwade

      Keep it up Christie! I found that day two I felt much better and by day three I wanted to keep it going! I felt awesome! I hope your experience will be the same.

  • Britt

    Im watching this on dr oz now…he said to stay in the detox bath for 30 minutes..ill probably do 20 minutes…

    • Britt

      sorry didnt mean to post yet. I had my 2nd baby 7 months ago and cannot seem to get my energy level back! im really hoping this cleanse will help!

  • Mwamom

    I am planning to start this in two days….I am concerned about the lack of protein-any thoughts on that?

    • realwade

      You should be fine. You will be back into the protein in three days.

  • Alexis

    My husband & I are planning to do this detox this friday. Do we need to double up.on the shopping list?

    • realwade

      You sure do! Remember to get what you want for the afternoon shake as well.

  • Gretchen Tuthill- Vizzi

    Thank you so much for your review! I just finished the cleanse yesterday-I can’t believe I made it! I definitely hated the lunch smoothie, but I toughed it out. I froze a lot of the ingredients before making the drink so it would taste better cold. I actually liked the dinner one better. I also worked out pretty hard during the 3 days and I wasn’t tired until about 5pm (I did intense circuit training).

    Today, I had a cup of coffee after withdrawal for 3 days. I am so jittery! I had no idea I was so used to my morning cup. I feel much better after binging on sugar, carbs, and alcohol throughout the holidays. I lost a few pounds, but I didn’t do this to lose weight. I just wanted to kick start the new year with something healthy. Today, I don’t even crave sugar, like I usually do, I am truly craving healthy veggies and meats. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone feeling sluggish after the holidays. It’s a great way to refresh your body.

    • realwade

      Gretchen…Way to go! That is so great to hear. I really like the idea of freezing the items to make it colder! The idea of refreshing or restarting your system is what I really like about this.

  • Lisa S

    My daughter and i are on day one. I just made the lunch smoothie. We don’t have a juicer so we’ve blended everything. The recipe made enough for two servings, Should we each drink ALL of it?

    • lisa s

      So, today i decided i would eat the Apple, cucumber and lime juice and drink the rest. So much better than yesterday!

      • realwade

        Glad that worked better for you! We did a mix of blend and juice throughout the process. Enjoy!!

      • Kimberly

        I have been eating some of the fruits and veggies too. Some of them are so good whole (like the raspberries) that I felt I wa a wasting them by blending them up. I don’t totally understand why everything has to be blended since your stomach breaks it down anyways..I assume so it “moves through you” faster?

        • Arod

          By liquifying the ingredients it will hit your system quicker and will help your stomache shrink so when done you will easily fill up when eating whole food and not gain the pounds back and clean out your digestive system.

  • Cecily

    I am allergic to tree nuts (almonds). Is there a substitute for the almond milk and almond butter?

    • realwade

      I did a little research and it seems that avocado would be a good substitutes and still get you some good fats. Hope that helps.

    • Cecily

      Thank you!

  • heather

    just started, do you peel the cucumber? and do you put the whole lime in, or just the juice from it?

    • Kimberl

      I peeled mine like you would an orange and then added a little zest from it. Not sure what others have done. I feel like a lot of fiber and juice is lost from juicing. Not sure what others have done though.

    • Kimberly

      And if it is organic I would not peel it. If not, I would at least pee it off as even after washing there could be pesticides and preservatives on it, I’m Sure Most Of The Vitamins are In The Skin though.

  • Kimberly

    On day three and I am feeling light headed and dizzy. Yesterday I felt great and even got an unplanned workout in. I am aware of dehydration and don’t think that is the issue as I have been drinking a lot of tea. Has anyone had this, could it be the toxins leaving my body?

    • Caroline

      I read that
      “Single servings of caffeine at doses exceeding 300mg may have a diuretic effect.”

  • Kelsey

    I am at the end of day 2. I haven’t felt real hungry but the lunch one is rough. I like cayenne so I don’t mind the dinner one though. But it makes so much that I fill a tall glass as the meal one, and pour the rest into a shorter glass for the snack so I didn’t have to buy extra for the snack one. I didn’t weigh myself, so I don’t know if I’ve lost anything but I feel amazing! I have more energy and have gotten to the gym and my general mood is so much better! I might stick with this often! Oh, and because almond butter is expensive and we only need 3 tbsp of it, I did substitute with all natural peanut butter since I already had it. Does anyone know what type of almond milk was called for? I went for the unsweetened and I’m wondering if it makes a difference in why the lunch one is so gross to me…

    • realwade

      The unsweetened almond milk probably doesn’t make that much of a difference. It’s just nasty! Keep it up!! Wade

  • Jennah

    I am starting the cleanse tomorrow! I have been married for almost 9 years now and have gained about 40 lbs. I weighed about 110 then, now around 156. I want to start eating healthier and feel better in general, so I hope this will be a jump start. Thats the idea anyway. I am glad to be able to read all the comments and tips about this cleanse.

    • realwade

      Jennah that is so great! Remember health is journey along a bumpy path. Not a sprint! John Maxwell says that the greatest change comes when we pick one little thing to change doing everyday. You can do it and you will feel healthier and happier!!!

      • Jennah

        Thank you for your encouragement! I’m at the end of day 1. It went ok except I’m not real crazy about the taste of them. I cant seem to get all the lunch and dinner drink down before if feel extremely too full. Also the snack shake is to much, I am still full from the lunch one. Can I snack on some of the fruit one of the shake calls for? I keep telling myself only 3 days…hopefully tomorrow is better!

        • realwade

          Jennah, your totally right! Only 2 more days. Only drink what you can. You probably realistically don’t need it all. You can munch on the fruit a little. Chew it a lot though. I would also say though that if you can go without doing that I would. You will be happier with yourself at the end. Day 2 your still probably going to feel a little rough but by day 3 you are going to start feeling amazing! Keep it up!!

  • Kristen

    Starting the detox tomorrow morning !!! And I was wondering does anyone know how long ur suppose to wait after the morning detox tea to have breakfast drink? And also how long after drinks u take the vitamins ?? Thanks :-)

    • realwade

      Great questions! I wouldn’t wait to long after the tea. Simply because that starts to back wpeverything else up. The same with the vitamins. I took those around when I did the breakfast drink. I hope this goes great for you!

  • WWleader

    I really liked the breakfast smoothie and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the lunch one was. I did decide to keep the kale out of the smoothie, steamed it and ate it as a snack with the leftover lunch smoothie. I used vanilla almond milk, pineapple canned in it’s own juice. Can’t wait for the dinner one, I think it sounds great. Though, I’m going to put the cayenne in a small amount of smoothie to gag down then enjoy the rest. I have been eating primarily whole foods for years with Weight Watchers and am finding this pretty great as a boost after the holidays. Needed to get myself off the “holiday snack train”! No bloating yet, only day one. Also am a coffee addict and was worried about the switch to green tea (which I usually hate) but after reading the “how to brew” label and brewing correctly, adding the stevia and lemon, yum, and no coffee withdrawals yet. Went for a half hour run this morning.

    • realwade

      Way to go! That is so great to hear. Keep up the healthy lifestyle!!

    • ginalynski

      So how many daily points are these shakes? I do the old ww. Thanks

  • navie

    Im on Day 2.No hunger pangs yet :) This feels like too much food to me! I measured everything up and my lunch smoothie was about two extra tall glasses of green thingy! So i had half and saved the half for dinner (Didnt make the actual dinner smoothie on Day 1) Is that too bad? I am only having three drinks a day. No snack drink! I am dying to much on something salty. Can i have one cracker? Or is that too much of a cheating?

  • Celly

    Can u chew gum while on this plan? I would hate for my co workers to have to smell my awful breath…

  • Ajking

    Oh thanks for this I am at the end of day one and wanting to give up, I feel awful! I just want to lay in bed! But this gave me some motivation to keep going it’s just three days!!

  • chelly

    Do you have to do the snack, do you think with all the water and the the drinks that may be enough

  • Debanne

    Today is day 3 for me. This is my second time doing this detox. The first time I lost 10 pounds! I didn’t see much change in bowel movement until day 3 and let’s just say afterwards me and the dog had to leave the house for a while. We went for a long walk. lol I did it last year. I gained some weight during the holidays so I said why not do it again this year? I hate the lunch drink, but I get it down. It makes a lot so I save some to have the next day. I’m feeling fine. If you are on the fence do it! You can do anything for 3 days. BTW, I don’t do the snack shake. I stay pretty full.

  • MavisB

    I felt ok after completing the cleanse, but, wow. My tummy was really mad at me by the end of day two. I was able to make it through with a few bites of chicken and some almonds, but it was rough. I probably won’t do this again.

  • A K

    Do you think i can buy some frozen fruit? like the rasberries & blueberries?

    • Shay

      It’s way better to have it with frozen raspberries and blueberries, it’s also cheaper!

  • skye

    I had a question, I would like to start this on Frida, but I work all day. Is it possible to make the drink before work, and keep it in a fridge & it taste good by lunch time ?

    • Shay

      Alot of reviews online say to pre-make because it takes up too much time. There are so many options for travel blenders now that are small and easy! Look into the George Foreman one, that’s what I use and it’s easy to clean up no mess and an absolute beauty!

  • Shay

    With the lunch drink I’ve read you can change the amount you put in. I HATE celery I read that one girl only put 2 stalks in and 1/2 a cup of kale. I ended up using a whole cup cos I don’t think you can taste it and it was actually my favourite drink out of any of them!
    Day 3 has finished and I feel fantastic, if anyone is feeling a bit sluggish I suggest adding a teaspoon of green tea powder, the kick of energy you get is amazing!
    I’ve actually decided to use all of my ingredients and go a few days longer!! Super easy and super good!!!

  • grandma

    Good evening, to everybody who decided to do 3 days diet and feel good.
    My daughter and I, starts as a joke, simply because my best friend the refrigerator, is full with food and meat because I guess cooking is my therapy. Anyway, Saturday we went 7 AM in store Sprouts in Burbank, where we found everything we need. Organic vegetable and fruits on reasonable price and also we buy from there Ultimate Flora women’s complete 90 billion. For everything we have to pay $101 and we were happy, till I realized that in order to make those shakes, we need to have Nutri Ninja professional processor which cost $100. We were home arround 10 AM and I make drink which look like cream soup. The best thing about this diet is, that in my sink have no one dirty plate or spoon which I have to wash. I think I will stay on this diet to rest of my life because is easy, delicious and none of us had any discomfort or headache. Today is end on our second day and we are not hungry. I have to admit that I cheated with few bites of Seasoned Roasted Seaweeds because we need C6, but I really hope it was not big mistake. Also I discovered when I eating this creamy drink with spoon, is like if you chew regular food and is much easy. Sorry for this long explanation, but if you want to know if we lost some pounds during past 3 day, I will keep you posted .

  • Regan

    the lunch smoothie was so filling, im still drinking at dinner. do i have to drink all of the smoothies? im stuffed!!

    • realwade

      Nope Regan you do not. Great job!!

  • Errin

    What did you eat after the cleanse – trying to think of some meals that won’t tank my progress but all I can think about is cheeseburgers! Okay, not really, but I’m so ready for real food that I am worried about caving for something bad.

  • Dr. Oz Fans

    This cleanse works so well. I couldn’t keep the lunch drink down the
    day, so I had the breakfast drink for lunch on day two and three. but i
    still lost some pounds. You can also find the whole 3 day detox recipe
    here: http://dr-oz.com/dr-ozs-3-day-detox-cleanse-recipe

  • JjV

    Can I use frozen fruit?? And it calls for 3 cucumbers…well how is that measured because they all very in size…

  • suzanne

    I like the lunch drink a lot! Be sure to use only lime juice (maybe some of you are using the whole lime?) and peel the outside of the celery (same way you would an apple). For the dinner drink, I only use about 1/8 tsp of cayenne and think it tastes great.

  • Amy Jensen

    just started today..on the lunch drink…god awful…i don’t know if i can finish it..sip by sip..

  • S

    The Green tea in the morning made me vomit. A quick google search showed that tea shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach because of the tannins.

  • NashVegan

    I loved that 3-day cleanse. If you have a good blender, texture should not be an issue. I already had most of the ingredients so no additional expenditure for me. My goal was to get rid of the intense carb craving that I get every now and then, especially bread. Mission accomplished. I skipped the afternoon drink and the Epsom salt bath. I intend to repeat this cleanse on a monthly basis.

  • LKeal

    How often can one do the 3 day cleanse?

  • Son

    Can I put fruit into my water?

  • Lousia Wendor

    Good article . Apropos if others a Philippine HQP-PFF-039 , my kids filled out and faxed a template document here https://goo.gl/dtIuho

  • Michelle De Jesus Fajardo

    This is actually my 3rd time doing this…I don’t feel as weak as I did the other times I’ve done this.