20,000 Days and Counting (A Book Review)

20,000 Days and Counting

20,000 Thousands Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith is a must read for those who desire to live life to the fullest and want practical tips on how. Andy Andrews writes in the forward “so read quickly. Read carefully. And read with a highlighter!” Andy is so right on in that assessment. As I read the book I know I must have said wow a ton of times.

I Constantly asked myself, What is important now? What is next?

I could never escape those two Questions as they spun around in my mind.

– Robert D. Smith

If I were to sum up 20,000 Days and Counting  it is one man’s journey to live life to the fullest. When he had lived a total of 20,000 days he went away for 48 hours to plan the next 20,000 and this book is part of what we got. The book is full of so many practical tips on how to squeeze everything you can out of life. One example was the way he explained how to find your life’s purpose. I am so looking forward to taking the time to do it this week. I would share it with you here but then that would take away the joy of finding it yourself!

Applaud everyone you can today. Step up and stand up! Yell loud and long. 

                                                           Celebrate who they are and who they are becoming.

                                                                                             – Robert D. Smith

The interesting thing about 20,000 Days and Counting is that so much of what he writes is so simple. None of it takes a genius to do.  All it requires is the consistent implementation of it in our lives. Which is the Challenge that Robert D. Smith presents to us in 20,000 Days and Counting. The tips he shares really are that simple. Smith has been Andy Andrews manager for the last three decades. During that time he has lived in the trenches and faced much rejections leading to much of the success of Andrews. In this book you are given the secret behind the success and tips to help you win as well.

You only can decide yes or no. How simple is that? But not always easy.

– Robert D. Smith

Most of you will be able to pick  up 20,000 Days and Counting and read it in an hour. 20,000 Days and Counting will be a book that I read at the end of each year to focus myself on what the next year holds. I am so thankful that Robert D. Smith took the time to share this book with us. I am even more excited to start implementing the practical tips from the book. I would like to leave you with one more quote from Robert D. Smith in 20,000 Days and Counting.

This is not a quick Makeover. This is a process. 

Winning is defined by the legacy you create, and legacies always take time. 

– Robert D. Smith

Pick up your copy of 20,000 Days and Counting Today!

  • http://shimergap.blogspot.com/ Phil

    I am reading “Quitter” by Jon Acuff right now. I have found his blog to be very motivating and helpful as well as this book. I think this book you have shared would be a good read after I finish Quitter.

    • realwade

      You will read it quick too! I started doing some of the practical things today and they worked great! I’ve good things about Quitter. I may need to pick it up sometime.

  • Aaron

    I just finished “Chasing Daylight” by Eugene O’kelley. I took a lot away from the book, the biggest being the pursuit to create “perfect moments.” I would add this quick-read to your list of must-read.

    • realwade

      Aaron thanks for that I will check it out. I believe that Andy Andrews has something like that on his blog as well. Thanks for passing that on. Did you go to Israel?

  • http://www.facebook.com/HarlanSellsHouses Harlan Furbush

    I’m reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” right now and find it inspirational as it’s core is based around a selfless outlook and a giving approach to relationships . . . it’s built on simple practices and common courtesies that have seemingly grown “not so common” . . . and it’s changed my day to day outlook and the connections I make everyday.

    • realwade

      Harian, That is a great book! I listened to the audiobook and loved it. I was really challenged by some of the things he shared. Thank you for posting!

    • http://shimergap.blogspot.com/ Phil

      I am definitively going to check this one out! Sounds great!