Tips from Business for Leading your Family

Should we run our family like a business?

Men and Women what if you treated your kids and marriage like your business? What if like your job the more you put into your wife and kids the greater your chance to have a great marriage and great kids? The truth is everything is everything is like that. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.

As we look to the new year here are some tips to for making your kids and marriage like your business:

  1. Work with you spouse to create a strategic plan for the next year for your family. If you are a leader you would never think of starting a year without one or at least with goals for the coming year. So why on earth would you not start the year with a plan and goals for the most important thing in your life.  It’s not hard just think through what you would like to do with your family and how you want to grow as a family and then set goals to make it your reality.
  2. Treat your wife and kids like your team at work. As a leader of a team you are always thinking how to build your team, how do I encourage them and propel them to their future. Do that with your wife and kids, build them up, encourage, let them fail and then pick them up. You will never regret it, especially as you see them blossom.
  3. Do whatever it takes to find success in your marriage and with your kids. So many men and women become workaholics because they determine they will not fail and they will become successful in their career. As a result they become willing to do whatever it to win regardless of the sacrifice. Do this this your family and wife. learn, grow, invest, sacrifice to love your wife and kids.

The reason we fight for success in our careers is because we believe the pay off will be worth it. Do you believe the payoff with your wife and kids will be worth it? Will it be worth it to be happily married to your wife for 60 years and to be as happy as ever? Is it worth it to have amazing kids that love you and want to be around you when they are in their 30’s and older? Is it worth it to be a great example to your kids of how to parent well so they will do the same with their kids?

Men and Women I hope you understand it is worth it. Money and success is so temporary and so unimportant but living life well, having a great marriage and awesome kids will never be regretted.

Start treating your wife and kids like its your business. Do this and you will be amazed at the pay off you receive in your marriage and family!

Your Turn: What business principles have you worked into the life of your family?

  • Justin- Wrting Pad Dad

    This is a great post! Would love to hear some of your examples for each of your tips! Well done!

    Pad Dad

    • realwade

      Justin Thanks for the thoughts. I will work on a follow up post with some examples.

  • ChadMillerBlog

    Wade, I’ve presented this point of view many times to anyone who will listen. It’s refreshing to know that there are Dads out there who share the same thoughts.

    • realwade

      Chad, Thanks for the encouraging words. As we continue to share this word with folks may we persevere and see men grow to put as much effort into their family as they do their career!