When the Kids Scream Fire

Parents here are some tips to aid your kids in child development.

When the kids scream, “Fire in the house!”

The other night as a parent I learned something about child development from my kids when they hollered, “FIRE IN THE HOUSE!”

Dinner time was upon us and we were having fish sticks and fries something easy that the kids like when Amy is working at Target. The timer went off on the oven and I was busy so I hollered to the kids. When the kids responded I asked them to get a pot holder and get the pans out of the oven.

I hear it already, “Wade what were you thinking?” As a good parent I said be careful and don’t burn yourselves. I really didn’t want their dinner to burn and I couldn’t get to it. I heard one pan come out and then the other. In my mind I am thinking that this is going good. That is when I heard it.


I said, “What?”


I ran into the kitchen and the oven door is open and there is a FIRE in it. I was shocked but the calm, confident parent that I was I preceded to grab the burning potholder with another potholder and beat the fire out. That’s right yours truly the hero! Or you could say the fool who asked his young kids to get out the pans from a really hot oven.

Here is what I believe and learned  about kids growing up:

  1. Parents need to give their kids more responsibility. 
  2. Before you let your kids do something that could harm them do it with them a couple of times. 

Here are a couple of steps to help your child develop and assume more responsibility using the oven example:

  1. Have the kids watch you take out the pans a couple of times. Also explain the dangers and what they need to watch for.
  2. Let the kids take out the pans a couple times with you the parent watching.
  3. Finally parents, let them do it on their own.

This is a safe and effective way to train your kids and help them assume more responsibility. Parents the best thing you can do is teach your kids to do all kinds of things around the house. This will help them develop and grow in confidence. However be smarter than me and follow this process to train your kids or you may have them scream, “FIRE IN THE HOUSE!”