A Lesson From Emma on Time

A precious lesson on time!This past week my little Emma reminded me of something really important about time.

Time doesn’t stop so don’t miss out!

All the kids were in bed and as usual Emma came down stairs. This time by the grace of God I gently asked her why and with her sweet spirit she asked me this question: Daddy will you come up and rub my back? 

With that simple question I got up off the couch, went up stairs and rubbed her back till she was asleep. As I sat there God blessed me with wisdom. Emma is growing up and there may not be many more times to rub her back as she falls asleep.

To be honest though I have not always been the best at this. By the time the kids are in bed I am quite selfish and start to be ready to wind down for the day. As we have gotten older and our kids are growing up I have become more sensitive to it.

For those of you who find it easy to drop everything and lay with your kids my advice is keep it up you are blessed. For those of you like me who struggle with this keep up the fight to spend these little precious moments with your kids. They won’t be around for long. You will probably regret it later if you don’t.

Also for those of you exhausted, welcome to parenting! You will survive and have years to catch up on sleep but you won’t get the time back!

I am so thankful for my little Emma and this precious lesson I learned from her! 

Your Turn: Is it difficult for you to take these moments with your kids? Why or why not?