The Value of “Yes!”

Just say “yes!”

Our kids are growing up so fast. Despite the fact that it has been nine years of changing diapers we only have eight left until the oldest heads off to college. Oh my goodness even writing that freaks me out a bit.

As I reflected on 2013 and what I want to achieve one of my biggest priorities is that I keep building a lasting relationship with my kids. In order to do that I realized that I need to spend more time with each of them. In the past I have gotten frustrated when I would ask them to do something with me and they would not want to. I started to reflect on that because I wanted to understand how I could spend more time with each of them. I don’t want to look back with regret that  I did not spend enough time with each of my kids.

The process of looking back revealed to me that if I said “yes!” more I would get to spend a lot of time with my kids. Almost everyday they ask me to do things with me. If I simply say “yes” more even if it isn’t convenient then I will get to spend lots of quality time with them.

This was so freeing because instead of me trying to figure out what they would want to do with me I simply enter there world when they ask. I am also understand that it will not be long and they will be busy and if I haven’t already built the habit of spending time with them then it won’t start later either.

Parents if you are wishing you could spend more time with your kids then commit with me to just say “yes!” They will ask you to do things with them and if you keep saying no because it isn’t convenient then they will eventually stop asking. By saying yes today you will lay the foundation for the relationship tomorrow!

How about it? Resolve this year to do everything you can to just say “yes!” to your kids before they are all grown up!

  • ann

    now you know why i moved down here I wanted to spend time with my grand children so that they would remember me and want to do things with me. All to soon they would rather be with their friends and that is normal and healthy but I have memories and I know they love me.

    • realwade

      Truly words of wisdom! I hope I will have that will keep that in front of my eyes! The time I spend with them now I will never regret but the times I pass up with them now I will regret often!!

  • Mike Diaz

    Thanks for this article! I find myself wishing I did more with my kids and always struggle to find things to do when all they want is me to join in on their plans!

    • realwade

      So true! Thanks for commenting Mike! Each day is a new day to engage with them more!

  • Phil

    The real question Wade, will you be able to handle the moment when you have to “Say Yes to the dress!” :)

    Seriously though, this is something I am trying to learn too. My son is 3 and I get a lot of request to enter his little dream world. This actually reminded me of a post I recently did.

    I have to admit, saying yes and entering their little world of wonder is actually quite fun!

    I suppose one might say that there is a danger of making your children an idol and spending too much time with them (?) but I suppose that few parents today would actually be in danger of this.

    • realwade

      Phil entering their world is a lot of fun. I think we have more of a tendency to make them idols when we run them around and have them involved in everything. Then you aren’t really spending time with them. I also think you are right on when you say most of us are far from making our kids idols!

  • Tianna

    Great words of wisdom! I’ve actually been trying to do this more myself recently. I also think if we say yes to our kids more they will be more willing to do the things we want them to do.

    • realwade

      Tianna great point! You are so right on. By spending time with them they in turn allow us to speak more into their lives. When we go to discipline them they are more receptive as well if we have had lots of fun with them.