Raising Kids with the End in Mind

Raising KidsRaising kids has been such an incredible experience. Prior to becoming a dad I had all kinds of fears about raising kids. Honestly I had fears about every stage that kids grow through including the teen years. I knew that raising kids would be the toughest thing I had ever done. As I would dream of raising kids I always had the end in mind that I wanted. I had a vision for the future reality that I wanted with my wife and kids.

My Dream for Raising Kids

When I thought about raising kids I would dream of Christmas when our kids were all grown and they had kids of their own. I dreamed of Christmas morning when we would all be together enjoying the love in our family. I imagined our kids however many we would have loving each other and having a blast together. I couldn’t wait till the day when Amy and I would travel and visit each of our children with their kids. This was the future that I longed for when raising kids. After four kids and ten years that dream for raising kids has not changed. Continuing reading to learn why this is so valuable and how to get started with your own dream for raising kids and having the family you want in 20 years.

The Implications of this Dream for Raising Kids

  1. Raising kids takes a lot of time: If this dream will become a reality I must make raising kids my number one priority. My wife and I must be willing to give our kids lots of quality time. We will need to make lots of choices that may not always make sense to everyone but when it comes to our kids it makes perfect sense. One thing I know I never will regret is the time I spend with my kids! 
  2. Raising kids will require us to grow: I knew then what I confirmed to be true. I must be willing to grow and change as both a parent and an individual. Parenting is tough and when raising kids you will find that every possible button you have will be pushed by them. Know what you want in the end for your family and make the necessary adjustments in your life to get there. It is going to require you to…I promise.
  3. Raising kids requires patience and perseverance: While raising kids for as many rewarding moments you have you will have as many challenging times. You will have moments where you think your kids are learning nothing you are trying to pass on to them. You will be exhausted emotionally and physically. In those moments persevere and be patient. Get back up and keep going. It will be worth it. Raising kids is a marathon not a sprint. There are lots of wonderful ups and tough downs but when you keep the vision and pursue it you will find the reward. You will see your dream become a reality!

What’s your dream for your family? 

Perhaps you have never thought about this before. Perhaps you are just taking the punches as they come. Today is the day to take control. You are a parent, you get the privilege of raising kids.

Three Tips to get Started:

  1. Go hold each of your kids or lay with them while they sleep. 
  2. While you lay there imagine the future you long to have.
  3. Write it down and review it often.  When we write things down and review it often there is a good chance that we will achieve the dream.

Raising kids will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. There will never be a dad who devotes his time to his kids that will look back and regret it!

Raising kids? What is the end you have in mind?