Potty Training: Celebrating the First Flush

Potty TrainingPull-Ups Shares 6 Tips to Help Celebrate the First Flush of Potty Training

 – Celebrate – With moms’ and dads’ busy lifestyles today, parenting can become stressful at times and many of the best moments can often be lost in the shuffle. With the major milestones like potty training, it’s very important that parents celebrate the amazing accomplishment that their child has made. The transition to potty training is a natural process, and celebrating along the way helps make it something fun for parents and kids alike.

 –  Potty Training is a Big Deal –Potty training is one of the most significant achievements in your child’s development. This is the first time they are taking the huge step to show you that they are in control and making Big Kid decisions. Potty training is a milestone to remember and you should celebrate it!

 – Every Child is Unique – Our kids, just like us, have all kinds of different personalities. Pull-Ups Potty Training partner, Dr. Heather Wittenberg has come up with a few helpful categories of potty trainees and their personalities which she discusses in her upcoming book: Let’s Get this Potty Started! The BabyShrink’s Guide to Potty Training. She explains that it’s very important to recognize your child’s preferences and keep their needs in mind during the potty training process.

– Get Rid of Perceived Pressure – Every mom and dad will face outside pressure from other parents, neighbors or even in-laws about how and when they should start potty training their child. Just like Dr. Heather says, it is important to remember that every child is different and will be ready to start the potty training journey at different times. Children will show signs when they are ready to start. Talk to your child’s physician about these signs and visit Pull-Ups.com for an additional helping hand!

 – Go High Tech – There are a lot more tools and solutions available these days to help potty training parents and you need to take advantage of it! Incorporating new technology helps make the process easier and more fun. The Pull-Ups Big Kid 3D App brings all the best potty training tools and resources together into one place, and allows Mom and child to celebrate potty training success on their mobile device. Pull-Ups Potty Training Partners are another great resource available to answer all of your potty training questions on the Pull-Ups Facebook page.

 – Potty Training on the Go – Traveling is an important issue when it comes to potty training and needs to be given your full attention. Whenever you are traveling to a new place, whether it’s grandma’s house, a hotel or even the local shoe store, make sure the first thing you do is familiarize your little one with the new bathroom. Make every new potty a new adventure that you and your child have fun exploring together! This will help make sure they are having fun while being consistent with their potty training.

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    There’s an app for that?

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      There is one called “Pull-Ups iGo Potty”