Parents are you Missing the Moment?

This Christmas vacation my oldest child and my youngest taught me an important lesson that I am sure to need to be taught many more times. The two of them taught me that it is so easy as a parent to get caught up in the craziness of life and miss the moments. 

Parenting is tiring. I think every parent I have ever met would agree with that statement. The demands of parenting, work and life in general leaves us at times just trying to get things done so that we can sit down for a bit or so we can get to bed. Some times as in my case I just get lazy and want things wrapped up. In those moments I get a little crazy, I want our kids to just fall in line and not slow me down. I want them to be clean so there are no other messes to clean up. When they don’t meet that expectations I get a little frustrated and impatient with the kids. When that happens I am in danger of missing the moment. Missing an incredible moment in which my kids do something wonderful. 
The first of these two moments was on Christmas Eve and I never completely recovered the moment. We had gone to Southbrook Christian church for a Christmas Eve service which was incredible. During the service they had a part with artists doing a painting that pointed to Christ. That was one of a number of great parts of the service. This really impacted Alexa. When we got home she got out paint and was painting a picture. She was making a mess when we were getting ready for company to come over. I of course over reacted and missed the moment. As she went upstairs dismayed at my getting on her I realized that she was inspired by the service to come home and do something similar. However because of my I impaitience I discouraged my daughter rather than seeing her be creative, expressing that she had been challenged by the service. I asked her later what she was doing and she said she didn’t remember. I sure did miss an incredible moment with my daughter. 
Moment number two happened with Mikayla. I was getting ready to take her some place and on the way we needed to drop off dinner to some friends who just had a baby. Mikayla loves their daughter and was excited to see their son who was born a couple of weeks ago. As we were getting ready to go she was on the floor with what looked like scrap paper. She was also cutting a piece of paper into a 100 tiny pieces. I of course started getting impatient because I wanted to get going and get back home. I kept pushing her and she kept saying she was making a valentine for baby Kate and baby Jacob. Of course to me it looked like trash but to her it was an act of love and kindness. By the grace of God I slowed down and caught this moment. I get to be so encouraged by my 3 year little girl who needed to show love to some friends. 
These are just two examples of how I missed the moment. I wonder how often I miss out on moments of beauty with my kids because I am not getting to stick to my agenda. I wonder how many times I squash their heart in order to get to sit in front of the TV. Learn from me and stop missing the moments. 
So the next time you need your kids to get moving and they are doing something make sure you stop and understand what is going on. It may just be one of those beautiful moments when you get to see how your kids are becoming more like Christ. 
Commit this week to stopping and asking why so that when your kids aren’t sticking to the schedule you will make sure you don’t miss the moment. Some things are just to precious to miss!!! 


  • Mohit Sawhney

    wonderful thought and writing. as I was reading this, my 3 year old daughter came over and showed me a flower she had drawn and colored. I’d have missed the moment had I not read this blog. I appreciated her and said I love her becuase she had indeed had drewn so incredibly well.