Parents: Actions Matter to Your Kids

Parenting often confronts you with importance of how you live in front of your kids. In Parenting it is often easier to tell our kids how to live or give them lots of rules that are good for life. However in parenting it is often difficult to live out the things that we know we need to pass onto our children’s lives. The truth is what they see in how we live daily is more important than how what we tell them.

Truly our parenting is most powerful when the way we live coincides with how we tell our kids  to live.

Recently at bed time I have been taking time to read a chapter of the Bible with each of our three older kids. The wonderful thing is they remind me to the Bible to them at night because they are wanting to stay up a little later.

One night with Alexa I was reading Luke 12 about how special we are and that we have no need to worry because we are God’s special creation. He cares for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and therefore we can have confidence that He will care for us.

In that moment I was humbled as a parent because I was telling her she could always look to God to provide for her and that I have struggled so much worrying if we were going to have enough. Ouch! I fight to trust God’s provision myself and it comes out in how I live.

As I read I started praying, Lord help me to not just teach this to my kids but help me to lead them to live this way. 

Parents remember that our parenting is most powerful when the way we live coincides with how we tell our kids to live. 

I need to fight to live out the things I want to teach the kids so that my words and actions become a powerful force to train them for the future God has for them.

Your turn: Parents share what you have taught your kids through your actions?