4 Tips for Getting Kids ready for School without the Stress

Our kids on the first day of school

Alexa, Noah and Emma heading to school!

Getting kids ready for school in the morning can lead to a lot of stress. Waking kids up is the only thing for certain in the morning when they get ready for school. I am amazed at how many surprises can come at you as you get your kids ready in the morning for school.

The surprises from your kids can be anything from not finding clothes to forgetting some homework or not having everything you need for their lunch. I feel like this is the first year that things have gotten a little less stressful in the morning as kids get ready for school. As you try the following four tips remember kids love routine so create one. Use these tips to help form it. Have a routine the night before as they get ready for bed and then create one in the morning and eventually they will start doing it on their own. If your lucky!!

Here are 4 tips for you to help get your kids off to school with a little less stress:

  1. Prepare the night before: This means that you do anything the night before you can such as pack their lunch or lay out their clothes. I would even encourage you to have them pack their lunches as a way to help them take responsibility. Amy has started doing this and it has made such a difference.
  2. Wake your kids up 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to: When you wake them up a little earlier when getting ready for school it helps leaves room for the craziness that can happen and keep the stress level lower. Realize they are kids and they can be finicky and forgetful so anything can come up in the morning.
  3. Know your kids and what they need in the morning: Noah our son wakes up early everyday and he is ready to go. As a matter of fact he often sleeps in his school clothes. Emma who is in kindergarten needs a lot more attention. When I realized it and started giving it to her my stress level went way down in the morning. Now it has even become a joy to carry her down the stairs and help her get dressed in the morning.
  4. Make it a team effort: I know this is not possible for all because many are single parents or have spouses that work tough hours. If both parents are home in the morning then make it a team effort. Divide and conquer and life will become a whole lot easier in the morning. The mornings that both Amy and I are able to be involved end up being a lot easier.

Remember they will only be kids once and before long they will not need you in the mornings and eventually they will no longer be in the home so make the most of it. By implementing these four tips your mornings will go from high stress to low stress and maybe even fun. If your not a morning person…I’m sorry!

Your turn: What do you do in the morning to get your kids ready for school in a stress free environment? 

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  • http://shimergap.blogspot.com/ Phil

    I’m not quite here yet in life but I know it will come quickly! I am so thankful for and blessed to have a wife who is incredible at building routine into the life of our family! I will be keeping these in mind as those years approach. Especially #3 which can be applied to many areas of parenting. My tip is make sure you have a great cup of coffee before you wake up the first child :)

    • realwade

      Phil Thanks! I should have remembered to add the fact that I get up earlier and have coffee and time in the word or else I exercise. Either way it gets me woke up and going!

  • Danielle

    This is timely as I was just thinking over our morning routine. I only have one in school now, so I know it’s not going to get easier. Happy to see I’m doing some of the right things already (getting things ready night before.) I’ve also found getting breakfast ready the night before (making homemade oatmeal usually) helps. Or getting up in PLENTY of time before the kids to have breakfast mostly ready helps.

    • realwade

      That’s a great suggestions! Mornings will forever be crazy so the more we can be ready for them the easier life will be. Also we get to enjoy the time with the kids! Thanks Danielle.