How to be the Perfect Parent

Have you ever had one of those days where you step back and get to see the fruit of your parenting? A time where a stranger has come up and said how wonderful your kids are or you were observing your older child comforting the younger. Perhaps you have thought, “Wow, I have been doing some perfect parenting!” On the other hand I am sure we have all had those moments where we stop and think that we have really blown it as parents. You know those extra long days where the kids are driving you crazy and you are ready to ship them off any where and to any one who will take them. Perhaps you have blown up at them or treated them poorly in some other way.

Recently I had a day where I was both greatly encouraged in my parenting skills and then a few hours later was reminded how inept I can be as a parent. The day started out with parent teacher conferences. They could not have gone better. Amy and I walked away feeling good about where our kids were at. Later that day I even said to Amy that we must be doing something right. I chuckle at myself for thinking that now. As we know pride often comes before a fall. A few hours later one of our children got rather difficult and I did not handle it the best. In that moment I was reminded that parenting will never be perfect this side of heaven!

As parents we can simply do our best, love our kids and point them to the Lord. Sometimes we will do that with great skill and other times we will fail miserably. We will take the easy way out and abuse our authority or be lazy and let them do whatever. Regardless at the end of the day everyone of us parents needs to rely on the grace of God. No matter how good of parents we are the grace of God is the needed ingredient to raise amazing kids.

This morning I was encouraged by Hebrews 4:16:

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Let me leave you with these two action steps on how to be perfect parents:
1. Love your kids. Meditate on the Word of God that you may learn what it means to truly love them.
2. Pray all the time for your kids that the grace of God will overcome your weakness and failures.

Remember this side of heaven you will never parent perfectly but with the grace of God all things are possible!

  • dale harris

    You know how to encourage others. God is using you now even as He is preparing you for increased territory. Love you. Dad

    • realwade

      Thanks for the kind words!