Helping Your Boy Become a Man

Fathers do you ask yourself how do I help my boy become a man? If so, read the following about one way I have helped Noah begin to become a man. Or as some say to man up!

Over the last year I have been away from home on two different occasions. As many of you know Amy and I have four kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. Each time I have been away I used it as an opportunity to help my one son, Noah to become a man. One of my desires for Noah is that he becomes a responsible young man and that he also becomes chivalrous. I want him to know that it is a good and honorable thing to take care of women and to serve them. Even at the young age of six I want him to know that he has a responsibility to his family to care for them. It is never too early for him to start to become a man.

Each time before I left I had a conversation with Noah about his responsibility to the women of the house while I was gone. That because I was gone he was now the man of the house and it was his job to make life easier for everyone else and to serve the girls. As I shared this with him I took time to tell him what this looked like. What it was to man up and help around the house. I even asked him what he thought it meant and how this looked. To my surprise Noah had a really good idea of what it meant. As I wrapped up the conversation with him I told him that I would be asking him how it was going and how he was taking care of the family when I talked with him on the phone.

Noah is growing into a fine young man! Both times he took his role very seriously and did more than usually around the house to help Amy and his sisters. I am so proud of how he is becoming a man. These are a couple of the things that represent how Noah took on the responsibility. When Amy was doing laundry he would carry the basket of clothes for his her. He also took on the responsibility of collecting all the trash and wheeling the 96 gallon trash bin out to the road. Noah isn’t that big yet so that is quite the job, it is a way for him to man up. A final example is the 10 foot bundle of sticks that he dragged to the road after his grandpa cleaned up one of our bushes. I am so proud of Noah and how he is becoming a man.

After each trip I made sure that I got him something that represented his growth to becoming a man and to let him know that I was proud of how he stepped up to help his mom and sisters. This fall when I was in Seattle I picked up a sheriff’s badge for him, which he still keeps by his bed. While I was in England I decided to get him a Swiss Army Knife. To all those worried that I got him a knife at six, don’t be. The knife is made to be dull so that he can’t hurt himself. My prayer is that these small gifts will remind him to be a man.

This is a simple way to engage your son and encourage him to be a man. I love watching him man up! I also love the fact that even though I was away I was still influencing his life!

 Fathers what have you done or what did your dad do with you to help you become a man? Share your ideas in the comments.

  • Chris Hale

    I am working with my son (age 4) to teach him how to be respectful to women. He has two sisters (6 and 8). Since his mother is not around he does not see how women are to be treated, so I try to teach him to be respectful of his sisters. I have him open the door for them, let them go first, etc. That is just one way.

    • realwade


      Thanks for the tip. Respecting girls is a big thing I am trying to pass onto him. We have had some great talks about it. You also reminded me of another story with him that I need to post sometime!

      God Bless,

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