Help Your Kids Grow up Faster: Part 1

Kids are growing up too fast these days! Have you said that? I’m sure I have. If you haven’t said it then you have heard others say it. First I want to thank Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak for inspiring this post as I read a post of his.

This saying”kids are growing up too fast,” is often prompted because of the clothes girls are wearing, the movies kids watch, the music they listen too, the cuss words they use, or that they are going on dates to young. I want to object to the statement that “kids are growing up too fast.” As a matter of fact I would go the other way and say kids are growing up to slow. 

Ponder that thought. What do you think? Are kids growing up too fast or too slow? 

Over the next two days I am going to give you two reasons why “kids are growing up to fast,” is a false statement.


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