Help Your Kids Grow up Faster: Part 3

We often hear people say, “Kids are growing up too fast.” In the first part I shared that I believe this statement is false and that they actually are not growing up fast enough.

Part 2 discussed that the reason that the statement, “kids are growing up too fast” is wrong is because that statement accepts a wrong definition of what it means to grow up.

In this final part I want to explain why else I disagree with the above statement. It is because…

Kids need to grow up faster.

Parents your kids are never to young to learn what it means to be righteous in Christ, to be respectful and to be responsible.  I want to thank Rich Vanheukelum for sharing these three things with us.

Honestly if you don’t want your kids to grow up too fast the question you need to answer is what is the age that I think they should start desiring to be righteous? At what point do I want my daughter to be respectful? Or do I want my child to start being responsible when they enter 6th grade?

No the truth is when we properly define what it means to “grow up” and mature then all parents want their kids to start growing up early on.

The following post shares one way that I have helped Noah grow up.

 Helping Your Boy Become a Man

Your Turn: Do you agree or disagree that we should help our kids grow up faster? Why or why not?