Help Your Kids Grow up Faster: Part 2

In part 1 I declared that I disagree with the statement that “kids are growing up too fast.” I have two reasons for disagreeing with the statement “kids are growing up too fast.” Today I will cover the first.

These behaviors are not signs of growing up.

Parents, how many of you dream about the day when your kids are all grown up?

What characteristics do you aspire for your children to have? Is it a certain kind of music? Is it the ability to insert cuss words after every other word? Is it the ability to dress like they are patrolling the streets on a Saturday night? Is it that they would go on lots of dates for no real purpose? Or maybe it is the ability to have sex outside of marriage?

No we would be crazy parents if that is what we dreamed about! As a society these are the kinds of things we point too to say that “kids grow up to fast.”

Dads and Moms, your turn: What characteristics do you want your kids to possess when they grow up? 

The following post will give you three good ones to start with:

 3 Truths for Parents to Teach to Their Children