Four Steps to Redeeming your Anger

Anger is something most of us men struggle with! If you have been a dad of a toddler or preschooler you have more than likely lost your temper at least once. Anger Management is important for dads because those outburst can have harmful effects on our children.

Outbursts of anger at some point are inevitable if you are like me. Let me encourage you today to redeem those times rather than sulking and kicking ourselves because we blew it…again!

Here are four steps to redeeming your anger:

1. Remove yourself. When you have lost your temper with your children walk away quickly. Go get by your self and calm down. I heard this idea recently that you should do some multiplication or division in your head because it kicks in your left brain or logical side. This little trick will help bring you back to reality and cool down your anger.

2. Pray to God for Forgiveness. God will forgive us (1 John 1:9). In Christ alone you have the power to defeat anger and be more patient with your kids.

3. Ask your child for forgiveness. This is how your anger is redeemed. Your children see that you are not perfect and they learn how to effectively act when they have hurt someone. Also share with them gospel lessons of love and forgiveness. There are many days that we will blow it in our relationships and we must teach our kids to be grace filled toward others.

4. Spend some time holding them or playing with them. This helps your child remain secure in your love. They understand that just because you lost your temper doesn’t mean you don’t love or care for them.

Men we need to be serious in our fight against anger and serious in our pursuit of the fruit of the Spirit. Have a friend hold you accountable to your anger and take time to memorize Galatians 5:22-23. But when you do at times have an outburst of anger against your kids follow these four steps to redeem your anger.

Your Turn: How have you dealt with the anger in your life? 

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