What I learned From Duck Dynasty about Dating!

Duck Dynasty and DatingMany of you have come to greatly appreciate Duck Dynasty. The show has taken America by storm. This storm has not collided with my family however my coworkers have encouraged me often to watch the show. I have given in and watched two full episodes and a couple minutes of a few other episodes. I have enjoyed what I watched but still I haven’t grown to be obsessed with it like others.

One of the two episodes that I watch was about the CEO’s daughter going to a dance with her boyfriend and his reaction. The episode was great as the dad reacted and ended up taking the boy hunting to scare the boy into treating his daughter well. When the episode ended I found myself really grateful that I had watch this one episode of Duck Dynasty.

Two Lessons Learned from Duck Dynasty about my daughters and boyfriends:

1. Know my daughter and what is going on in her life.

I was amazed at the shock of the dad as he learned that his daughter had a boyfriend and that she was going to a dance with him. I believe they also said she had been “seeing” this boyfriend for a few weeks. This really shocked me at first but then I thought, “would I know right now if any of my daughters had a boyfriend?” Have I spent enough time with each of them each week talking and learning what is going on in their lives. The CEO seems like a great dad and family man so I am not knocking him I am just being reminded that I need to know what is going on with my daughters. Life flies by and if you are not intentional you will miss a lot!

2. Start early and often setting the dating boundaries with your daughters.

Duck Dynasty reminded me that on a regular basis I need to be talking to my daughters about boyfriends and the expectations I have as their dad. If I wait till the day she comes home and says she is going to a dance with a boy then I have lost the opportunity to shape the way she looks at boys and dating. Therefore I have to tell her all the time that she can’t have a boyfriend until I meet him and approve of him. Only then can I expect that she will do it. She will probably do it because it is all she has ever known is me telling her that she has to let me meet the guy she wants as a boyfriend. Dads our daughters are precious gifts that young boys want to take advantage of so protect them and set strong clear boundaries!

Thank you Duck Dynasty for reminding me to prepare my daughters for the world of dating. I want to set that course for them rather than trying to survive the storm!

Your Turn: What dating boundaries do you have for your kids?