Are You a Tree of Life for Your Kids?

A Tree of Life for Your Kids

Don’t all parents want kids that exude confidence and are full of life? I want to share with you a proverb that will help you build the confidence of your kids and see them explode with life. My daughter Emma is amazing and she has been a life illustration of this principle.

A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but a perverseness in it breaks the spirit. (Proverbs 15:4) 

I wish that I could say that in my parenting I have conquered this and that my words are always gentle with my kids. In Emma our third born child who is five I see the truth of this principle. If you know Emma you know she is full of life and has one of the most beautiful smiles. She is confident and attacks life with passion. She loves people and loves doing kind things for others.

However when she gets in trouble and I come at her with harsh words or my tone gets harsh with her she shuts down. Her confidence is lost and she even starts to visibly shake. In those moments more than any other I am reminded what my words and tone do to my kids. I then can grab her, love on her and talk with her gently and the energy comes back. It is amazing how the gentle touch words brings back her confidence.

Parents your kids may not visibly respond like Emma but the truth of this proverb stands. When you respond gently with your kids you give them life and build their confidence but if you respond in anger with words that tear down you take away some of their life and they lose confidence.

My challenge to you and to me in our parenting is that when you see a tree and yes they are everywhere remember that every time you communicate with your kids you get to give them life and confidence.

Everyday we get to choose how we will parent our kids  so today choose to give them confidence and if you need to ask your spouse to hold you accountable to being a parent who is gentle in speech with your kids.

Your Turn: How have you learned to control your tongue with your kids so that you can give them life and build their confidence? 

Here is a good post encouraging us not to break our kids spirits.  This fits so well with giving our kids life through our words instead of breaking them.