And the Dishwasher Died…

20130604-084814.jpgThis past week our dishwasher went down. To be honest I was quite frustrated by it. We have had a couple things go bad lately and this was just another thing on the list. Last night I found myself surprisingly thankful that our dishwasher went bad.

When I got home Alexa and Amy were making dinner. Amy said that Noah and Emma were on dish duty after dinner and that Alexa and her had caught up dishes in the afternoon. I then decided I would help Noah and Emma after dinner.

We ate and then we did dishes!

As I did dishes with Noah and Emma I found that it was a great time for conversation while at the same time teaching them to pitch in as a part of the family. At the end of the day the dishwasher breaking was a blessing.

In all honesty I’m not excited about replacing the dishwasher or having to do dishes until we can replace it. I will probably even get grumpy about it at times and so will the kids. In those moments I will need to look back on this moment and recognize that our dishwasher breaking can be a healthy thing for our family. We all have to remember that we all have stuff break and we all have stuff that goes wrong but in those moments we have the opportunity to choose how to handle it. It isn’t always easy to choose to make the most of it and sometimes we don’t, I don’t, but in the end you will be glad you did!

Losing the dishwasher has caused us to slow down as a family and created opportunity to spend more time together.

So when you see me ask me if I am still taking advantage of the time with my family!

Your Turn:What appliance has broken in your home that led to you spending more family time?

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