A Cup of Love

20130727-065958.jpg My first born child is by far our most strong-willed child. In many ways she can be our most challenging to raise. At times I have been a great father to her and at other times I have really struggled.

Over the last couple of months things have definitely been moving in the right direction. It would be easy for me to say that she is growing up and maturing however it is more likely that this change is the result of both of us growing up. Despite challenges there is a one thing that Alexa has started doing that shows me how much she loves me.

Cups of Love

A few months ago I was sitting and reading and all the sudden her comes Alexa with a cup of coffee. She hands it to me and says “Daddy, I made you a cup of coffee!” Then she ran off. I was really touched by her act of kindness. The truth was she made Chai in the Keurig but her kindness overwhelmed me. This act didn’t stop. Every once in while Alexa comes bounding around the corner to bring me a cup of coffee.

Yesterday morning this ritual happened. Actually I was in the shower and she snuck a cup of coffee in and put it on the counter. As I was showering it hit me that this act of kindness was her way of telling me that she loves me. Alexa knows how much I enjoy my coffee in the morning and she wants to give me that simple pleasure.

One of my constant prayers for Alexa and I is that we will remain close and that I will always be her “daddy.” These cups of coffee that she brings me are a sign to me that we are doing okay. She is my girl and I am her daddy.

Moms and dads if you are struggling with a strong-willed child I want you to commit to two things:

1. Appreciate their strong-willed character. In Christ this more than anything else will allow them to change the world. That is an awesome prospect.

2. Pour your love on them through your words, touch and by spending time with them doing fun things. Doing this will overcome those moments of craziness when their strong-willed character collides with the rules of the house.

Your Turn: What “cups of love” have your kids done for you that reveals how much they love you?

Alexa, if you ever read this I want you to know that I love you more than words can express!