3 Truths for Parents to Teach to Their Children

As I think about how to parent it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things that we parents want to teach our kids. Where do you start? If your house is like ours things can get so crazy that you lose focus on what you want to teach them and end up just trying to survive. When I sat down and talked with Richard Vanheukelum he left me with 3 truths that as parents we can focus on with our kids.

Rich shared how he and his wife, Lynette felt that they needed to focus on something with their kids and as a result they narrowed it down to three truths. They wanted to take Proverbs 22:6 seriously and train their children. He said that the old saying if you aim at nothing then you’ll never hit the target is true. They wanted to avoid that. He said that these truths can be found in passages like Ephesians 6:1. The following are the 3 R’s they focused on as parents.

1. Respect for authority

2. Righteous in living

3. Responsible in tasks

After he said the three of them I was like,”wow!” That is so awesome and helpful. He was so spot on with these. If as parents we make sure our kids get these then our kids will be set to tackle whatever comes their way in life.

Rich explained that these are also intertwined with one another. That if you get any one of them then your child is on their way to getting all three. For instance if your not seeking to be righteous in Christ then there is a good chance you are not going to be respectful.

If you are like me and you want to keep it simple then pray and work hard to teach your children these three things.

I must say though pray first and foremost that they come to know Christ and His forgiveness and love. Think about it though aren’t these three things going to be the result of the gospel in their lives.

I want to give a big thank you again to Rich for taking the time to share with us what he has gleaned from years of experience as a parent. I know that I have been blessed for sure. You can check our more from Rich at SermonAudio.com.

Parents pray and focus on seeing your kids become respectful, righteous and responsible.

Your Turn: Parents what have you done to teach your kids any one of these three things?

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