My Dad by Douglas Todd


When working at Starbucks I had the honor of getting to know Douglas.  As I have gotten to know him I have been blessed and encouraged by his love for his family. His dad is now with the Lord and the following poem Douglas wrote as a tribute to him. I love how it expresses the natural transitions we often go through with our dads.

When I was 5, my Dad was everything,
When I was 10, he had become like a King.
When I was 13, Dad wasn’t so smart.
When I was 17, he had become a dumb old fart.
When I was 25, my Dad began to change,
When I was 30, Dad wasn’t a bit strange.
By the time I was 40, my Dad again knew best,
When I was 50, I could see Dad needed a rest.
When I was 60 I took care of Dad, who now was so thin,
When I lost my Dad I realized, what a great Dad he had been.Image

Douglas’ dad and grandma.

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