The Heart of Leadership: Worth your time

Mark Miller has given us a gem with the book The Heart of Leadership. I received my copy last Friday and could not wait to jump in. Although I figured it would take me a bit to read because as many of you know I am a snail of a reader. To my surprise I picked up The Heart of Leadership and finished it in two days. I could not put down and now I have some great tools to grow as a leader.

The Heart of Leadership is practical

As I mentioned I have some great tools to grow as a leader now that I have read The Heart of Leadership. Mark Miller gives you a road map to follow to become a great leader. The book gives you five practical things to focus on. They are not difficult to understand but they are comprehensive. If I as a leader start putting these five things I learned in the book into practice I will daily be growing into a better leader.

The Heart of Leadership is inspiring

Mark writes the book in a story format. Blake is the main character of the book and he is a guy we can all relate to. He has a job, a family, a desire to provide and a challenge to grow. If you are reading this review it means you are more like Blake than not and you will enjoy the lessons about the heart of leadership. You will walk away saying, I can do this, I can grow!

The Heart of Leadership is a tool for mentors

I did not get far into The Heart of Leadership before I started thinking that I needed to mentor some guys and go through this book. Working with college students I always want a book that is easy to read, practical and creates great discussion. This book will do all three. Especially from a practical standpoint you will have 6 to 7 sessions all laid out for you with questions to ask and follow up built in to see if people put these items into practice.

The Heart of Leadership needs to be in your library and I would say one you give to others that you desire to grow professionally. This book will not only help you in the work place but also at church and at home.

Let me know what you think when you finish The Heart of Leadership.