The Blessing of A Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stand blessingThis afternoon I came home from work on the first hot day of the season seeing our four kids and a friend running their first small business. It was a lemonade stand! I imagine most of us did them as kids. Alexa mentioned it the first time a week ago and today they followed through with it. I loved coming home and seeing them out there with the table and chairs. They also had lots of cups and the end of a pitcher of lemonade. All of this ended in them blessing Amy and I but before sharing that let me share a couple things about business they got right.

The Business Concepts our Kids Got Right:

1. Relationships matter.

The kids made more money today because of the relationships they have spent time building relationships. They ended up making $6.75 but I believe three of those dollars came from one neighbor. These particular neighbors have been blessed by our kids. The kids have shoveled their driveway and also made a cute heart out of peanut butter cups. They probably didn’t realize it at the time but their love for others led to them finding success today.

 2. Make mid-course adjustments if necessary.

Today while they were out there selling their lemonade a gust of wind came and spilled some of their lemonade. As a result they raised the price and still sold some. They intuitively knew they had less to sell so they needed to increase the price to still make money. In business people need to be willing to make changes in the middle sometimes in order to be successful.

3. Treat your partners fair.

Like I said they raised $6.75 and they split it evenly even with their three year old sister. They also split it with a friend that helped them as well. They easily could of left the two of them out and justified it but inside they knew it was the fair thing to do. Hopefully one day they will recognize that it is God that gives and takes away and that they should always seek to be fair.

The Blessing of a Lemonade Stand

Their lemonade stand was a great success. I was so blessed watching them step out to run a little business for the afternoon! Whether people stopped as they went by or not they were blessed as the kids out there working brought a smile to their face. In the end they gave the biggest blessing to us when they bought ice cream for us. They were willing to take their profit, the money they worked for and bless Amy and I.

And so today I was blessed by a lemonade stand!

Your Turn: How were you blessed by your kids today?

  • dad

    Good read Wade. You, Amy & the grandchildren bless me all the time.

    • realwade


  • Mom

    They are so special! You and Amy have done a terrific job teaching and training them in so many ways – especially by your Godly example!! We love you all!

    • realwade