Homeless at Harvard: a book review

Many of us have walked been many homeless people and perhaps much of the time we don’t even notice them. John Christopher Frame decided it was time to recognize the homeless people at Harvard Square and do something. One summer he spent ten weeks living on the streets getting to know those people so many walk by and never notice and the result is Homeless at Harvard.

20131026-170235.jpg Regardless of your take on the homeless this book will cause you to rethink your views. I was impressed by the frankness that John Christopher Frame writes with. In this book there is a fair representation of the homeless. At times you will be moved to compassion for the homeless. Other times you will think these people are exactly what I thought they were like. I think most importantly Homeless at Harvard reminds you that these are real people with real struggles.

20131026-171035.jpg John Christopher Frame introduces us to the homeless people he lived with for the summer. What I loved is that throughout the book you get sections entitled, In the words of… Here you get to know the homeless individuals that John Christopher Frame lived with on the streets. They share their stories and you realize that many of them grew up with difficult stories and in many ways the world was stacked against them.

If you want to grow in compassion for those who call the streets of your city home then Homeless at Harvard will do just that for you!