Marriage: Tips for a Life Giving Climate

The climate of your marriage!I can remember times in Amy and I’s thirteen years of marriage where we just didn’t seem close. I was going through a period of being really cranking and whenever Amy would interact with me I would just be put off. Have you ever had stages like that in your marriage? Or are you in that stage right now?

Stop right now and take two minutes to consider the climate of your marriage? Is it favorable? Are things rather tough? Why?

A good climate in your marriage will bring you energy and life!

When you are living at peace with your spouse and have a high level of intimacy you are going to bring joy and energy to your life. A marriage is about a man and a woman living life together as one flesh. When the two of you are fighting against that you are going to experience stress and turmoil.

A bad climate in your marriage will drain you of energy and life!

If you and your spouse are at odds with one another everyone around you is going to notice it. This tension and strife will lead to loss of productivity in other areas of your life such as work and parenting. You and your spouse need one another and you need to live your life as one. If you are struggling with your spouse right now remember it is tearing you down.

Three tips to maintain a good marriage climate.

  1. Open communication: Share with each other how you think the marriage is going. Let your spouse know when you are struggling so they can pray for you and encourage you through the tough climates.
  2. Humility to act: When things are tough have the humility to change your behavior to make things better. Remember when your marriage climate is good you will enjoy much more energy in your life. Don’t be stubborn be the change that will restrengthen your marriage.
  3. Put your spouse first: No matter what the greatest marriages will be the ones that have spouses that always look to serve each other. When you set your goal to make you spouse stronger and more godly you will never go wrong!

Remember each day you help set the climate of your marriage. The climate you help create will either bring you energy or it will take your energy away.

What climate are you going to create in your marriage today?