What is it That Only you Can Do?

Marriage and ParentingOn my drive to and from work I listen to a number of podcasts which has been so encouraging. This week I was listening to Andy Stanley’s message from a week or two ago. In his message he asked this question:

What is it that only you can do?

This is a popular question in the business world. If you are leader you should hand off everything that  others can do and focus on the things that as the leader only you can do. When we consider this question we also want to take into account our strengths and make sure that as leaders we operate in our strength areas.

Andy was speaking to husbands and wives. He asked the question and then he answered. If you a spouse or parent there are one or two roles in your life that only you can do.

Only “YOU” can be the husband of your wife and only you can be the dad to your kids. Or if you are a woman only you can be the wife of your husband and only you can be the mom to your kids.

Do you understand the power of that? If you are married you can’t hand of your spouse to your assistant or if you are a parent you can not hand of the parenting to the nanny. Men and women remember this when you plan out your week. What kind of time are you leaving for your wife and for your kids? Are you too focused on your career that one day you will look back and realize you have lost your kids?

As I listened to Andy Stanley share this in the car I was struck to the core as the last couple weeks have been extremely busy. I realized that I needed  to make sure when I was home that I capitalized on the time with Amy and the kids. I needed to make sure that I took time away from the job to let them know how much I loved them and cared for them.

Women and men take time to ponder this question and consider what changes you need to make in your life.

You do not want to look back on regret when it comes to your spouse and kids!