Two Tips for Better Sex in Marriage

As my wife has talked with friends they have told her we should write a book about great sex in marriage. Although this will not be an entire book on sex in marriage you are going to get two of the best tips I can give you. There not rocket science but if applied repeatedly sex in your marriage will get better and better.

  1. Start asking your spouse what they really like when having sex.  Not only ask them but listen when you have sex and you will figure out what your spouse enjoys. Don’t just ask once, ask every few weeks.
  2. Start doing what they enjoy.  Make it your goal to please them and give them the best sexual experience every time. When you do this they will begin to desire to have sex more.
The key to making sex better in your marriage is for both spouses to ask and then put what they learn into practice.
Sex is a gift from God to your marriage. Enjoy it and make the most of it!