Tips to Love your Spouse not your Money

Love your spouse, not your money

Tips for not loving money.

In an article entitled For Love and Money research is presented that suggests that couples who love money or value money differently tend to struggle more in their relationship. The article simply points out something clearly stated in the Bible.

The love of money is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10)

Don’t miss it. It’s not money, it’s the love of it or how we value it. Do you believe that money is the path to happiness and security?

As a couple if you do not keep money in its place you will find conflict entering your marriage and eventually it will create distance between you and your spouse.

Three tips to love your spouse not your money:

  1. Evaluate your life and determine if you struggle with money. If you struggle with loving money talk with your spouse and allow them to encourage you in your growth.
  2. Talk with your spouse and determine to give a lot. Andy Stanley suggest setting a percentage that you need to live on, a percentage you need to save and a percentage to give. Then increase each year the amount you give. Find organizations that you both love and support them with your time and finances.
  3. Live simply and you will have more time as a couple. Make sure that when you get new things to take time to get rid of things. For example each year with our kids before Christmas we take time to have them take a few things to Goodwill because they have more than enough. If you have to rent a storage area unless you really need the stuff in it for your business then get rid of it.  Be happy with a small house, used car and instead use money to create experiences for you and your family.

Parents here is another tip for you to help your kids not catch the disease of materialism. Give your kids what they need not everything they want.  This means that for birthdays, Christmas and other events where we buy lots of things for our kids that cut back and choose to plan meaningful things with them rather than a bunch of gifts. For instance rather than buying them an Xbox for their birthday go hang out with them for an afternoon to show they are special and you love them. Find ways to show them that relationships and family matter more than things. 

You will never regret the time you spend with your love ones but many have regretted the financial decisions they have made. If you live in wealthy America and we are rich you have to be extra careful about this because every marketing message around you is telling you that you need “things” to be happy!

Your Turn: What do you do to love your spouse more than money?


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