Too Busy for Your Marriage: 4 tips for making time


Our family’s life just got more hectic this week as Amy started a job at Target. I get home about 5:30 and she starts at 6. On those nights we really don’t see each other. Amy and I value time together so this will be tough. Many of you are even busier than we are and you struggle to find time together.

Here are some tips to stay connected with your spouse in the craziness we call life:
1. Plan ahead. Know your schedules for the week and when you have those few moments home together make each other the priority. Give each other the time you need.
2. Call when you have time. During the day or on the drive home call and catch up. Pass information on about the kids so you know what’s going on and can be consistent as parents.
3. Maximize time alone. When your home and your spouse is out at work or somewhere else get things done for your spouse that they would normally do. This shows them you care and relieves stress when they get home. This also allows you to be together when they get home.
4. Date night. When life gets super busy those date nights become even more important so you and your spouse can stay close especially with kids.

These are just a few tips I have learned early on in this new adventure. What have you learned in your crazy life? Please leave a comment and encourage others.

The key in all of this is being intentional to give time to your spouse when it is available. Don’t leave it to chance or you will grow apart.

Value time with your spouse it is precious!

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  • Penny Stiles

    Great tips Wade!! It is my hope that many will take action on them.

    • realwade

      Thanks that is the hope! Perhaps it will encourage even one marriage.