Moving Mountains for your Spouse and Kids

Move Mountains for your Family

Most men (and women) will do whatever it takes to find success at work. If it means taking a class or reading a book they will do it. If it means working with someone they don’t like they will. If it means treating a superior with respect and dignity they will. If it means sacrificing their family they will. If they have to move mountains to get ahead in their career they will do it.

I recently wrote a post,  Tips from Business for Leading your Family and I was encouraged by The Writing Pad Dad (He is worth subscribing to)  to give some examples of the tips in action.  I will be doing three posts to do just that.

The last tip I gave was “to do whatever it takes to find success in your marriage and with your kids.” As I stated above men (women too) will move mountains to be successful in their careers. If they are willing to do it for their career shouldn’t they do it for the people most important to them. Their spouse and kids.

Here are a couple of examples from my life and I hope that they will spark your ways in your life:

1. When my wife’s sleep interrupted she gets migraines. With young kids sleep gets interrupted all the time. As a result with all four of our kids I have taken most of the burden of getting up when they wake up in middle of the night.

2. My daughter is quite strong willed and if I weren’t careful our relationship could quickly dissolve. I have had to keep myself in check and work hard to figure out how to discipline her. This has not been easy and I have not been perfect but I am willing to move mountains to maintain a relationship with her.

3. Finally I want to spend time with my wife and kids. I also want to exercise and be healthy. If however I work all day and then come home to exercise when it is convenient I would not get that time with them. As a result I run at night after the kids are in bed or wake up extra early to exercise.

The point is to have a strong marriage and great kids it takes sacrifice. You have to have the mentality that you will move mountains to maintain a strong and healthy family. It may even mean sacrificing your career for your family. Let’s be honest they are worth it. If more men and women would take this attitude there would be less dysfunctional families, suicide, divorce, illiteracy, etc. Yes, it is that simple. Simple not easy though!

Men and women you will do that for your career it is now time to do it for your family! No one has ever looked back on their sacrifices for their family and regretted it. Many have regretted sacrificing their family for their career!

Your Turn: How have you moved mountains for your family?