Marriage: The Most Important Question

Marriage is worth investing inThe other day I was listening to Family Life Today, which often covers marriage. On that particular day they played a message from former NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp. During part of the talk he challenged those who were married with a question:

Are you an investor or consumer in your marriage?

Jeff Kemp then went on to talk about the infiltration of American consumerism into marriages. We look to our spouses and blame them and criticize their role in the marriage. We want to know how they are serving us. These kinds of complaints are consumerism at work. If we love we will always look for the best in the one loved. We will also be servants of the one we love.

I believe this is the one question that if both spouses continually ask it will lead to an amazing marriage. Just think about it. If every minute of every day if both spouses were asking themselves if they were investing in their marriage can you imagine how awesome it would be. Both spouses would be looking out for the interest of their spouse rather than themselves. This is clearly a recipe for a great marriage.

I dare you to take 15 minutes this week and ask yourself if you are investing or consuming in your marriage a majority of the time. Then if you find that you are doing a lot of consuming sit your spouse down and apologize. Finally make a commitment to become the lead investor in your marriage. Each night when you go to bed just take a minute and ask yourself what did you do to invest in your marriage today. As you create this habit and then change even a little bit you will find your marriage growing. You will also overtime watch your spouse respond in love.

This won’t always be easy but the pay off will be worth it!