How a Cheerleader helps your Marriage

Be your spouse's greatest cheerleaderDo you have insecurities? Of course you do! So does your husband or wife. Do you know what their insecurities are? Every one of us has insecurities. Some of us have more insecurities than others and each of us allow our insecurities to affect us differently. One thing is the same though our insecurities make us feel like we aren’t good enough. They leave us feeling like we don’t measure up. Inside each of us somewhere we have a desire to be encouraged. We desire to be told we are good.

This desire to be encouraged is the reason that a cheerleader will help your marriage. You need to be their biggest cheerleader of your spouse.

The Benefits of being your spouses biggest cheerleader:

1. They grow in confidence and feel loved.

When you encourage your spouse where they have their biggest insecurities you help counteract their fears. You help them not be slowed down by those insecurities. Instead they are able to focus on their strengths.

2. You help affair proof your marriage.

If you are your spouse’s biggest cheerleader then they are not going to run after any man or woman that makes them feel special. They will get that from you. Withhold encouragement and open the door for someone else to steal their heart from you.

3. Your marriage becomes a positive place of peace.

The attitude you and your spouse have towards one another affects the overall environment you will have. When you encourage one another regularly you and your spouse feel confident and loved. You know that you have each others backs and as a result you respond more graciously to each other. In the end the environment in your family becomes full of peace and joy.

As you read these benefits you may be feeling like you need to change your behavior to become your spouse’s biggest cheerleader. But you may not know where to start.

Four suggestions to be there biggest cheerleader:

1. Celebrate their wins.
2. Encourage them that there  is hope.
3. Let them know you will always be there for them.
4. Be generous with kind and encouraging words.

Believe me add these four things to your marriage and you will experience new life. Don’t fake it, just be aware and make sure to make a big deal about the person God has created your spouse to be. You will never regret making these changes. For some this will be more difficult than others. No matter how difficult it may be just focus on starting small but trying to be consistent. In no time at all your spouse will know and feel your love.

Remember be your spouse’s biggest cheerleader…They need it!

Your Turn: How has encouraging your spouse helped your marriage?