Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #7

Best Family Films of 2012

Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights # 7 covers everything from the best family movies of 2012 to lessons from Hobbits to some of this past years running trends. Take time to let us know what your favorite family film was and what some of your favorite online resources are for your marriage and for parenting.

Best Family Films of 2012: 

What would you have rated as number 1? Did it match with what they said?

Texting While Parenting: 

Okay so who is guilty?  How many of us struggle with paying more attention to our phones than our kids?  Sometimes it is so easy to just want to veg out with the phone but what are we teaching our kids when we do this.

A Resource for Dads: 

Dads I was checking this site out and you might find it to be a helpful resource. The site is a collaboration of dads encouraging one another. Leave a comment and tell us what blogs you have found most helpful?

Leadership Lessons from Hobbits:

I love the Lord of the Rings and I am sure that I will enjoy the Hobbit but to my shame I have not yet seen it. Here are some great leadership lessons from the Hobbits.

Running Trends of 2012: 

I have heard of friends getting into running and some who are looking into running a half marathon in 2013. With that in mind I thought that some of you might enjoy reading about some of this past years running trends.

  • Phil

    Haven’t cried when watching a movie in a while but that is what “The odd life of Timothy Green” did to me. My wife is adopted so it resonated on a personal level but besides that it was just a great story of the struggles in becoming a parent, the struggles in parenting, hope, pain and forgiveness (among others). I would def add that to the top movies in 2012 list.

    There are some great resources here; the Dad round table looks especially interesting. Thanks for sharing Wade!

    • realwade

      Phil thanks for that recommendation. I actually told someone to watch it today after reading this! I am going to have to check it out as well. Alexa my nine year old would love it. Thanks for the comment. Keep writing!