Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #6

Parenting Tips for the Apocalypse

This week celebrates the end of another year highlighting some of the best blog posts in parenting and in leadership. There are some quotes from some celebrity husbands and wives to enjoy. There is also a great video that is going viral about a dad’s reaction to a great Christmas gift. Take a moment and enjoy.

Top Marriage Quotes from Celebrity Husbands and WivesThere are two links here to some lovesick celebrity husbands and celebrity wives.  For those who enjoy the thoughts of celebrities you will enjoy these quotes or at least some of them! These quotes will also encourage the love you have for your spouse.

 Most Interesting Parenting Post of 2012: Here is one writers offering to some of the best posts of 2012. A wrap up for you who have not been following parenting blogs all year!

Video of Dad’s great Christmas Reaction:  If you haven’t seen this video take a minute and watch it. The dad’s reaction is priceless! It is not often you hit a gift this perfect for someone!

Great Tweets from Parents: Here are some tweets from parents. If you are a parent you can relate and I imagine you could have tweeted some that are just as funny. Perhaps like when Amy texted me about Mikayla cutting her own hair. That could have been hilarious in 140 characters!

Most-Read Leadership Posts of 2012: If you have a desire to grow in your leadership skills this year then perhaps looking at some of the best blogs from 2012 will get you started right.

Preparing Kids for the Apocalypse: This is a funny post about the things to teach your kids so that they will do well when the apocalypse happens. With the recent Mayan calendar talk this is rather appropriate. Also if you are a Walking Dead fan then you may be thinking about this already!

I hope that you can look back on this year and see how you have grown as either a spouse or parent or both. God Bless and I hope you are looking forward to what is ahead in 2013. Thanks for all your support and encouragement as I have begun this blog. I am excited for what 2013 will hold for my life, my family and blogging!