Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #5

This weeks highlights give us thoughts on parenting from Gwen Stefani (who would have thought.), tips to prevent child abuse and a charge from Voddie Baucham to love our wives.

Gwen Stefani on Parenting: I thought this was a neat article. I pray that with the hecticness of their lives that they stay close and their love grows.

Preventing Child Abuse: Parents have you talked to your kids about this?  You need to! This is the last thing any parent wants to have happen to their child. The sad reality is that abuse is out their but make sure you are helping prepare your child.

 Husbands: Go Home and Love your Wife

Thank you Voddie Baucham!

Creativity in Raising Money: Parents be creative and find things you as a family believe in and then be creative in finding ways to raise money. Your kids are smart let them in on the process and then do it together as a family. What I love about this article is how the man combined something he was already doing and turned it into a way to raise money. What do you already do that could be used to raise money?

Tips for Starting to Run Barefoot: Not sure if any of you have had the urge but if so here are some tips.  I really enjoy running. I am not ready to go barefoot but I thought it was interesting.

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